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Jan 13, 2020

Xavi Hernandez rumored decision to not accept the Barcelona Managerial Job at the moment has Slipped the Club to a Crisis. This is why Xavi may never land the Job at least in the next two year period.

Xavi Says Not to Barca Job? May be Forever! #Barca #Xavi

The recent happenings at Football Club Barcelona really showcase the kind of crisis that has engulfed the club as a whole. Within hours from reportedly confirming Xavi as the manager of Barcelona, it now appears that the Legendary Spanish midfielder has decided to pass on the opportunity at least for now. It is reported that he is right now reluctant to take the job, but is all ready to take up the reins in the Summer.

Now Barcelona is stuck in a quagmire, where there is a Coach who no one wants but will never leave, and a Managerial job which no one will take. One of the options in front of Barcelona is the signing of Pochettino but the Club and everyone associated with the club is in favor of handing control to García Pimienta, the current Barca B Team Coach.

Has Xavi closed curtains to a Future Barcelona Coaching Role?

The way Barcelona handled this entire episode is downright unprofessional. But then it is expected from a Board which has proven time and again their absolute incompetence. But the Spaniard himself has added fuel to the fire. His last press conference in Doha catapulted the speculations to another level.

The Club was banging on the Club legend to take over from an absolute inept Valverde, as other options were not available at the moment. But it appears that the Spaniard have taken a good look at the Club's situation and his priorities and decided not to go for it now. It appears he has expressed his wish to take over in the summer.

But why should Barcelona go for Xavi Hernandez in the summer? The advantage Xavi had now was that he was the only option available for Barcelona at the moment. But in the summer that will not be the case. Barcelona will have a host of Managers to choose from.

In that backdrop, Xavi's reported decision to turn down the Job baffles me, and also the reported offer from Barcelona to have him the Coach next summer. For Barcelona, it makes no sense to have him when better-proven prospects are available. Hen Taag will top the list but above all towers one name, Pep Guardiola. It is already accepted in footballing circles that Guardiola doesn't want to be in charge of Manchester City next season. He is longing for this Job, which gives him a chance to manage Lionel Messi again.

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