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Mar 22, 2024

Barcelona's current challenges can be traced back to the composition of the team. The squad is brimming with talented, attack-minded players who excel in short bursts of brilliance. While this characteristic can be advantageous, it also presents significant challenges for the team.

The recent surge in Barcelona's performance under Xavi has caught many off guard, including the manager himself. This was evident from his remarks suggesting that the team began playing better once he announced his departure. In just a few days, they achieved the seemingly impossible feat of defeating Napoli and Atletico Madrid.

The victory against Atletico was particularly impressive, considering our struggles away from home and Atletico's formidable home record. It's rare for us to maintain a clean sheet, even on our best days, but we managed it. This success has sparked discussions about the possibility of Xavi remaining in charge beyond the current season.

Dec 20, 2023

Xavi Hernandez is a man under pressure! The Barcelona head coach faces one of the toughest moments in his coaching career as fans globally demand his sacking after a series of poor performances. Barca’s recent losses to Girona and Antwerp have seen them settle for fourth place on the La Liga table. Besides that, they have limped into the Knockout Stage of the Champions League, leading many to question whether he is still the right man to take Barca back to the glory days.

Jun 28, 2023

In the annals of football history, few clubs can match the illustrious legacy of FC Barcelona. However, recent years have proven arduous for the Catalan giants, with their Champions League campaigns falling short of expectations. As the renowned club navigates through a period of transition, the significance of this season's Champions League success cannot be overstated—especially for the future of Xavi Hernández, the revered midfield maestro turned Barcelona manager. In this compelling analysis, we delve into the pivotal role that triumphing in Europe's premier club competition plays in shaping Xavi's managerial destiny.

Nov 29, 2022

How successful will be Xavi's side this Season? Will they be able to remain at the top of La Liga when the Season draws to an end?

FC Barcelona had a rather confusing season so far this season. They strangely find themselves at the top of the La Liga summit during the winter break. It's been some time since they have become the winter Champions. But at the same time, they find themselves out of Europe's Most Prestigious Competition - UEFA Champions League; and that too in a rather disastrous fashion. And they also lost the First Clasico in a similar way against the Current Champions.

Despite all these most of the bookies have Barcelona as their top target to win La Liga this season. But in reality how good is Barcelona's odds of gaining silverware, that too the most prestigious one in Spain this season?

Jun 29, 2022

Xavi would have hoped for some reinforcement and a proper settling of his team. But the reality is quite different. Chaos could be the only constant at Barcelona!

What Xavi has done with this Barcelona side last season or half a season has been quite remarkable. Many pundits considered his appointment a foolish one. Others considered it a very risky move, especially from Xavi's point of view. He was given nothing new and inherited a very dysfunctional set of players and a team which was playing without any passion.

Xavi but did wonder with that kind of a team. The very fact that this team became a passionate one was a testimonial of what Xavi brought to the club - Identity and Passion. The results were secondary, and to some extent, everyone was surprised with Barcelona finishing second. Remember, we were thinking about not qualifying for Europe at all when he arrived!

Dec 23, 2021

It has been a tough year for Barcelona – on and off the pitch. But the season is only halfway through, so what can the Camp Nou fans expect from 2022?

It has not been a good year at Barcelona

Barcelona’s (Realistic) Hopes for 2022

It is fair to say that 2021 will not go down as one that Barcelona fans look back fondly on. There has been chaos and farce behind the scenes – and the performances at the Camp Nou have not always been that much different.

We lost possibly the greatest player there has ever been due to internal and financial problems - and have recently crashed out of the Champions League at the group stage for the first time in nearly 20 years. We could be forgiven for thinking that this season should be written off. But there is still half of it to go – and there are still trophies to be won.

We are realistic here though. So read on to find out what can be expected from Barca in 2022 – and why the odds at the Vegas betting sites may well be worth a closer look.

Dec 5, 2021

With Xavi at helm, we have seen enough reason for hopes. But the fear still lingers around the background with the team collapsing towards the end of every match. This won't be an easy task for Xavi, and the good news is that Xavi acknowledges the same.

Barcelona moved to the 7th spot in the La Liga ranking with a 3-1 victory over Villareal. Many could be fooled thinking that the match was one-sided or at least an easy affair looking at the scoreline. Nothing could be far from the truth! Barcelona was pretty lucky to escape with three points at the end of the match.

Barcelona's new coach, Xavi Hernandez didn't hide the fact that the team got lucky last match. He also acknowledged that times will be tough and these tough times will decide Barcelona's season this season. He was happy seeing the results of the hard work that they put in the training. Even though the results were not fully satisfactory.

Jan 13, 2020

Xavi Hernandez rumored decision to not accept the Barcelona Managerial Job at the moment has Slipped the Club to a Crisis. This is why Xavi may never land the Job at least in the next two year period.

Xavi Says Not to Barca Job? May be Forever! #Barca #Xavi

The recent happenings at Football Club Barcelona really showcase the kind of crisis that has engulfed the club as a whole. Within hours from reportedly confirming Xavi as the manager of Barcelona, it now appears that the Legendary Spanish midfielder has decided to pass on the opportunity at least for now. It is reported that he is right now reluctant to take the job, but is all ready to take up the reins in the Summer.

Now Barcelona is stuck in a quagmire, where there is a Coach who no one wants but will never leave, and a Managerial job which no one will take. One of the options in front of Barcelona is the signing of Pochettino but the Club and everyone associated with the club is in favor of handing control to García Pimienta, the current Barca B Team Coach.

Sep 28, 2018

At times Barca's strategy still operates on the assumption that it's Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta who is controlling things in the midfield. The coach and the management needs to understand that they cannot expect others to simply dole the role of these two legendary midfielders!

Barcelona won't be able to Replace Iniesta and Xavi #barca #Xavi #iniesta #fcbarcelona

Barcelona Football Club has been blessed with an abundance of legendary mid fielders throughout it's history. Even with such a list, one have to admit that it was the Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta, who brought a 'Normal than Usual' stature to those positions. They both remain and still is regarded as the 'Greatest Midfield Duo' of all time; not only in Barcelona but also across the Footballing history.

In the 'Golden Era' of Barcelona, Xavi and Iniesta dictated the 'Game Play' of Barcelona. The duo not only decided the formation we used but also 'The Nature of Barca's Game pLay' was dictated by these two. And the effect of it becomes much more pronounce, when you consider that they did this in the presence of may be 'Greatest of All Time' player, Lionel Messi.

May 25, 2015

May 22, 2015

A great analysis about Xavi's playing style. This is from Barca's 5-0 destruction of Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

  • Xavier Hernández i Creus, Xavi announced his departure from the Club this Summer.
  • Xavi Hernandez has been at the club from the age of eleven and now leaves for Qatar Club Al Saad.

We all knew that this was going to happen; but somehow didn't want to face it. An Era has ended at Barca - "The Man Barca" as we all knew Xavi Hernandez will be leaving the club this summer. As the legend himself said it would be quite awkward to see Xavi wearing a jersey other that the Blaugrana. I personally believed he had at least two to three years of top flight football left in him; may not be at Barca but elsewhere in Europe. But then the decision to leave was made last summer and at the twilight of the career he looked for more financial opportunity than footballing opportunity. Now can't blame him? After having won a World Cup, 2 UEFA European Championship, 8 La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey, 6 Spanish Super Cup, 3 UEFA Champions League, 2 UEFA Super Cup and two FIFA Club World Cup, it would be extremely difficult to find motivation season after season. The fun part is that he could be adding two more to that list by the time his Barcelona Career comes to an end. For the record, the decision to leave was all his as the club has already offered deal to extend his stay up to 2018. But for the most decorated Spanish footballer of all time, it never made sense to play a withdrawn role in the club.

Dec 5, 2011

The final three men shortlist for FIFA Balon D'OR 2011 has been announced. The final list is no surprise to anyone following serious footballing action - Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez. Actually everyone know who is going to win - Lionel Messi. But still you need a three man shortlist. The Women final three contenders are Marta from Brazil, Homare SAWA from Japan and Abby WAMBACH from USA. Xavi and Messi are not the only ones representing Barca. They have their manager, Pep Guardiola giving them company. Guardiola has joined Mourinho and Ferguson for the final shortlist of Coach of the Year. Lionel Messi is also vying for FIFA Puskas Award for the best goal(Goal against Arsenal) along with Neymar and Wayne Rooney.

Jan 28, 2011

NGO Prodis, an organisation based in Terrassa which provides social services and works for the integration of people with mental disabilities and cerebral palsy is bringing you all a chance to win the famous jersey worn by Xavi Hernandez in that Great night in South Africa. Our midfield General, Xavi Hernandez has donated his shirt for a raffle in aid of the NGO PRODIS, which helps people with disabilities. The prize will personalised and delivered to the winner by Xavi. Alberto from the NGO has confirmed that the Raffle is opened to the whole World, but unfortunately in Countries where Gambling is banned. Unfortunately India is one of them. The Tickets can be purchased for a price of 2 Pound per ticket. Please visit this site for more information and to buy tickets - Xavi's World Cup Jersey Raffles

Sep 7, 2010

June 24, 2010 - Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA - epa02220740 Spain's national soccer team player Xavi Hernandez smiles during a press conference at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, South Africa, 24 June 2010. Spain will face Chile in the FIFA 2010 World Cup group H preliminary round match at Loftus Versfeld stadium in Pretoria on June 25.

This year's Ballon d'Or would be one of the most contestly fought contest in recent years. The front runners of this years award are Andres Iniesta, Xavi hernandez, Lionel Messi, Diego Forlan and Wesley Sneijder. The Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year award has been merged from this year and has been Christened as FIFA Ballon d'Or. The inaugral award already has raked up enough interest, with everyone linked with football making their choice heard. Jose Mourinho has backed Wesley Sneijder to bag the award whereas the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball winner Forlan has backed Xavi Hernandez to win it. Mourinho in his typical arrogant fashion has dismissed Andres Iniesta, despite an excellent World Cup campaign, topping it with the Winning goal. Diego Forlan had a great World Cup and led his under achieving club side to UEFA Europa Cup, but fails to impress the "The Controversial One". Meanwhile Messi with a whopping 47 goals in all competition is expected to retain his title, eventhough a weak World Cup Campaign is going to act against him.

Apr 7, 2009

So, the debate rages on; who is better Xavi or Iniesta. Nic from FCBNews did a poll to find the second best Barca player after Messi; not surprisingly that soon become a head-on clash between two of Barca's little midfield brains. Iniesta emerged victorious ahead of Xavi but with a narrow margin. There is no doubt that FC Barcelona has been blessed with two of the world's best midfielders in Xavi and Iniesta; no soccer fans will deny that. But picking one of them is the toughest job in hand. Xavi Hernandez is the midfield General of the side. He controls and drives the midfield and there is no doubt that he is also the captain in waiting for both club and the national side. After Guardiola took over he has improved a lot in the scoring section. He regularly finds himself in the scoresheet and no one can forget the number of assists he got. Andres Iniesta is fondly called "The Choir Boy" by media and fans. That name suggests his humble and unassuming nature. He is indeed an exception in an era where the most average of football players vie for media attention. He does his job day in, day out with not much fuss. He is an excellent dribbler and his dribbles have unsettled the best of defensive opponents. His inability to get into score sheet is always pinned against him but no one can deny the fact that many of his teammates get into scoresheet courtesy of his skills. He needs to be a bit more aggressive as I have written earlier - Time For Iniesta To Be Aggressive. He is more versatile that Xavi; actually than anyone in the side. He has played in more position that any in the history of the game and actually did very well in all those positions. Guardiola started using his front left and that has already started a debate about "Whether to Have Henry or Iniesta in the front". I will come to that in a later post.

Dec 20, 2008

Xavi Hernandez has signed a new deal which would keep him with the club till 2014. And if some club manage to convince him to move away they would have to sell out a whooping 80 million Euros as buyout clause. This ia a welcome relief for Barca who took sometime to ready this contract. This also effectively ends the rumours of Xavi moving out of Barca. Actually Guardiola had made it clear from the onset that Xavi is the most important part in his puzzle. Exact contract compensation is not known but it is rumoured that Xavi will become the third highest paid player in barca after Messi and Eto. Xavi has reitered his dream to retire at Barca. I know one person who would not be happy with handing out lengthy contract to players is Cryuff. But with the tough competition out there FC Barcelona have to shell out a deal which is better or on par with others can offer. It is rumoured that he will make 7.5 million Euros per year.

Xavi Hernandez is one of the most prized outout of Barca's excellent youth system. Xavi made his debut in first team on August 18,1998 against RCD Mallorca. He quicly went to become an essential part of FC barcelona's title team. Xavi is considered an ideal replacement for Guardiola, the current Catalan coach. Xavi has become a essential part of the Spanish national team. He was elected as the player of the Tournament at the Euro-2008 when an under achieveing Spanish side fianlly won a trophy. He has scored 29 goals for Barcelona and 8 for Spain; and created numerous goals for his team mates.

Aug 18, 2008

VXavi HernandezXavi Hernandez Creus today is celebrating his tenth anniversary of debuting for Barcelona. On 18th August 1998, Xavi made his first team debut against Mallorcain the first leg of Spanish Super Cup final. He capped the wonderful debut with a goal. Xavi has been with Barcelona all through his life. He joined Barcelona at the age of eleven.He started receiving attention pretty early. He was a key member in the F C Barcelona B team which won promotion in to Second division in 97-98 seasons.At present Xavi is one of the three captains Barcelona is having. His significance and contribution can be judged by the fact how Barcelona played against Boca with and without him. He created both the Goals which ensure Barcelona's hold on John Gamper trophy. So in other word he gave that as a present to himself and the fans for celebrating his tenth anniversary. Xavi has to be said is at the peak of his career. He is a worthy successor to his coach Joseph Guardiola and was adjudged the best player of Euro 2008. He was instrumental in organising Spanish defense and along with his team mate Iniesta led Spain to a well deserved European Championship. Xavi was instrumental in the Barcelona side great run from 2004-06. One of the most remembered goals of those times was the one he scored against Madrid to take Barcelona to second and start a revival.

Any hope of Barcelona revival and dreams of achieving the heights of 2005-06 seasons could only be possible on this rather short man's shoulder. Ronaldinho and Deco have gone and he needs to form a great partnership with Messi, Iniesta and Eto to take Barcelona again to those heights. One thing that can be guaranteed is his commitment and hard work for the same. As one of the captain he needs to marshal other team mates around him for the same. Then considering Xavi's nature and will, it has to be said that Barcelona's future lies in safe hands. Let's wish him the best so as to continue the good works for the time to come.

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