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Sep 28, 2007

Finally its raining goals at Camp Nou. Last three of their mathces is giving an impression of Barcelona getting back to what they are famous for - Playing attractive football. The last three matches were against really tough opposition - Lyon, Sevilla and Zaragoza. And they did this with the most important players injured (Ronaldinho, Eto and Puyol), that speaks volume. You know, the most warming part of these three victories is the fact that in the heart of it is the two most promising young talents Barca has produced - Iniesta and Messi. The way this year is progressing it looks like Messi will be marching ahead of the contempory players that are around him and develop a class which will be unique and reserved for Legends.

All These matches Messi has been fantastic. He is linking well with midfield and particularly well with Henry and Iniesta. In all the attacks of barca there will be a definitive involvement of Messi and Iniesta. There is always a Buzz around the stadium when the ball reaches anyone of them. Almost all the praise for a good match will go to the attacking players, but it will be a disgrace if I cannot mention about the defensive players. Milito and Marquez has been exceptional, so did Yaya, Abidal and Zambrotta. Zambrotta was our best player along with Iniesta and Messi last season. Abidal looks like he is gelling with the team very well. Now with Puyol available and Zambrotta Injured, Marquez should be the One doing the RB job.

Henry looks like seeking desperately for that first La Liga goal. i think he is trying a bit too hard. He is linking well with Messi and he for the time being should take the role of play Maker rather than Goal scorer. Then the elusive strike will be easy to achieve. Now it looks like nobody can mention anything about the club without mentioning about the rumors of Ronaldinho leaving the club. The rumors has already forced the club to issue a public statement. But i don't think its gonna happen. The club needs him, the players needs him and so do the fans. This should make him more thirst for success.

Below is the high light from the match between F C Barcelona and Real Zaragoza. Listen the commentary aftre the first three Goals


Sep 4, 2007

Found this amazing video compilation about Lionel Messi in net. Thought of sharing it. Its done by milankakabaros - visit him at

Its quite strange to write a Real Madrid appreciation thread in a Barcelona Blog, that too by an ardent Barca supporter. So what's the excuse I have got. May be because they are having three players from my favorite international team - Argentina. Ok let's cut the crap, the reason why I am writing this is because of their last week performance. Simply put that performance can be described as awesome. It overshadowed and rightly so, the performance of Barca at Camp Nou. It was a gritty performance by a team which seems to be lost forever in transition.

With the last of the famous Galacticos gone, the only step Madrid can take now is forward. They look more compact, aggressive and more and more determined in the start of this season. Got to admit the fact that of all the title contenders, they look the solid. Have to admire the brain of schuster, after a pretty long time Madrid bought players to fit into a system. This by itself is a sharp contrast to the Madrid Galacticos policy where star players made the system. Don't misunderstand me, last season Barcelona lost the title rather than Madrid winning it. But this season will be a far outcry compared to that. They look more solid and compact, so if we have to win the league we have to be the same and this time we have to snatch it from them. We cannot wait for them to slip( which looks rather unlikely), so we have to raise our game.

Match Compilation

If you go by the early signs that La Liga is throwing at, then we will be tempted to say that La Liga is going to be a little crowded this season. There is no certainity here. Real Madrid has set the tempo for the rest of season, now Barca has to raise it. And don't forget the ever dangerous Sevilla, they might be tempted to win everything as a tribute to Antonio Puerta. In his memoirs let me stop with a hope to see the best football this season.

Sep 3, 2007

The victory against Bilbao was secured in the first half. Barcelona went in to the match with al lot of criticism for their lackluster performance last week. Early on the first half, barca players hunger to keep the critics away was evident. They played like a team possessed. Athletic Bilbao should had considered themselves lucky at half time for trailing by only 2 goals. The second half in itself was a sharp contrast. Ronaldinho and Messi were setting the tone for the first half, every time Messi gets the ball there was a big anticipation for something big. And he didn't disappoint. Ronaldinho stellar performance should have subsidized all the Transfer rumors for now(its going to return in January, take a break). From the last some Liga games , its look like his free kick technique is coming back. But for me the star of the show was Eric Abidal - My God what a player. Its not surprising all of the Barcelona's attacks came either through him or Zambrotta. He should have solved our Left back misery, hope so. But whatever he is showing he is worth to watch.

In contrast to the first half, second half saw the last year Barcelona coming back(unfortunately). They were losing ball very easily, there was no conviction in the passing and it took the supporters booing to remind players they are there to win games. In contrast to first half - where the defence looked like compact and sealed, second half defence sometimes had no idea of what they were doing. The problem with Barca last season and still continues- is that after taking the early lead or control they tend to sit back. Because of which they end up conceding late equalizers. How many time did that happen last season. Rijkaard has to pay attention here.

It will be big injustice not to mention these two players in this article - Deco and Henry. Deco as usual is the marshal of Barca's Midfield. He was there all the time with all those tricks and turns. Hope he continues to find such form every night. When he moved to Barca, I thought he will not gel well with Barca system, I was proven wrong - He is looking good and he is due for his goal, mark my word he is going to get a lot.

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