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Apr 19, 2007

With that absolutely amazing first Goal against Getafe, Messi himself has opened up the debate of whether he is the next Maradona. The enigma called El-Diego has bitten up all these years, with the result that every new kid on the block is being compared to him. This has to be attributed to our never ending eternal quest for finding the next Maradona. But seeing yesterday sterling performance of Messi, the belief that he might be the destined one become more stronger. Maradona's Goal of Century might have come in a very difficult world cup match, but Messi's replica of that is no less precious. Both of them has that unbelievable ability to glue the ball to their legs.
Messi performance of yesterday was one of his best till date. It came at a crucial time for the team, who was seriously handicaped with Ronie's injury. This season he has serously improved his finishing skills. Another plus from the game is the consistent and improving performance of Xavi. he was off colour for almost half of the season. But in the recent matches he is coming back to his old self. One worrying fact is the ability of Barca defence to concede Goal from very good positions. They are not doing the basic right and they have to correct it as early as possible.

This season has been consistently like this - some sterling performance at Home and some stupid performance (infact lots of) away from home. So we cannot sit back in the second leg.

To honour Messi I have changed the Blog Song to "Vamos, Vamos Argentina"

Apr 17, 2007

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