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Dec 14, 2020

Barcelona is drawn against French Champions PSG in the first knock-out stage of this season's UEFA Champions League.

A mouth watering contest between FC Barcelona and PSG awaits everyone in the next round of UEFA Champions League competition. PSG will start favourite in the tie, courtesy of playing the second leg at home and Barcelona's poor season so far.

PSG is not flying in full cylinders so far this seaosn. So Barcelona definitely have a chnace. But a lot will depend on whether Koeman remains in charge. With the Dutchman in charge, we may not have any hope!

It is safe to say that this season has not gone to plans for Barcelona. Not as per the fans plans nor as per the coach's plans. The season has been a very disappointing affair so far.

Barcelona is in all kind of serious problems. Lying a whole mighty 9 points behind the League leaders, Barcelona's hopes of challenging for the League is virtually non-existent. Nor Barcelona's performances have shown any signs of a resurgence or an ambition to do so.

Dec 9, 2020

It appears Barcelona fans just couldn't wait to get rid of their new so-called favour. What surprises me is how many were disappointed by how things have taken turn for the worse. What did they expect? I foresaw this much earlier and warned. But who listened!

Anger doesn't solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

This quote explains the current situation at Barcelona aptly. Barcelona and their fans were blinded by their anger at the 8-2 debacle, that they could not see that the so-called new Saviour was a buffoon who managed to expertly disguised as a Genius. He knew exactly how to tap into the anger of the fan base, he understood the need to look tough and the need to put the cloak of 'Know Everything'.

He played his part to perfection. But the only problem is that with time, all his masks were bound to come off, and that's what's happening to Ronal Koeman at Barcelona!

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