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Dec 9, 2020

It appears Barcelona fans just couldn't wait to get rid of their new so-called favour. What surprises me is how many were disappointed by how things have taken turn for the worse. What did they expect? I foresaw this much earlier and warned. But who listened!

Anger doesn't solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

This quote explains the current situation at Barcelona aptly. Barcelona and their fans were blinded by their anger at the 8-2 debacle, that they could not see that the so-called new Saviour was a buffoon who managed to expertly disguised as a Genius. He knew exactly how to tap into the anger of the fan base, he understood the need to look tough and the need to put the cloak of 'Know Everything'.

He played his part to perfection. But the only problem is that with time, all his masks were bound to come off, and that's what's happening to Ronal Koeman at Barcelona!

Koeman Never was Supposed to Fix Barcelona!

Koeman's success at landing the job was majorly due to the posture he took up as the guy 'Who Knows it All'. In reality, he didn't join Barcelona to solve Barcelona's issues, but it was more or less a personal triumph. He was here to prove his worth to the world.

Anyone who would have come to Barcelona to fix the issues wouldn't have taken up the path he did at the start. Immediately after he joined, he played to a crowd which was brimming with anger at the humiliation at the hands of Bayern. And the crowd went wild with the posturing he was taking up, which was foolish, to say the least.

He went and insulted Messi in his first meeting, humiliated Saurez another club legend and not to say the least went even after Pique, without understanding that without him our defence is mostly crap.

He went doing all this without a solid plan to replace any of these guys. The entire approach was to unsettle the team, without realizing that it's that team which needs to perform for him!

Koeman's Disaster is Not a Surprise!

I gets seriously agitated when people say they are really surprised with the extent of trouble Koeman is having at Barcelona. How did they even imagine that he will be a success at Barcelona? He was a dead man walking the moment he said that the 4-2-3-1 is the solution to all at Barcelona. Then there was a host of other things. If you were ready to open your mind, you would have seen. I predicted this earlier.

The biggest worry for Barcelona fans is that there is no end in sight till the presidential elections are done. By that time, this team would have been destroyed to the core. And then no one would be interested in taking up the reins at Barcelona. And Messi without any doubt would have signed with some other club in January.

Koeman is a man full of ego. He will not change nor has any working brain on his head. Even when a below-average Juventus side bossed his team at Camp Nou, he kept on insisting why his formation is the best for Barcelona. He got no clue, and even the players are giving up hope.

Gerard Deulofeu, looks like a genius now. Those who went after him after he gave his honest appraisal of Koeman is having the 'foot in the mouth' moment.

The best and the safest thing for Barcelonainterim President to do is to sack Koeman now before he gets to do further damage to the club. Handle the reins to Pimienta who will get a chance to prove himself. How bad can it get? It will never be as bad as this, we will at least play some exciting football.

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