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Feb 6, 2020

Barcelona management needs to revisit its choice of making Eric Abidal the Club's Director of Football. There is little chance of the team, especially Messi reconciling with him soon, despite the public show of compromise!

The spat between Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal has been dominating the news for the last 24 hours. One has to wonder what will be the scar that this will leave out to the fabric of this team. Already they are running against time to get in ready with Philosophy of the new manager!

Bartomeu has declared the crisis to be over after calling a meeting between the two former teammates, Messi and Abidal. Despite that, one should question the feasibility of things going back to normal. Maybe it's time we let Abidal go off his responsibilities, which he had failed to do as detailed below.

Lionel Messi lashing out on Eric Abidal may have upset some of the fans, but he was within the right to defend himself and the squad. Eric Abidal should be sacked now!

It appears there cannot be any death of news when it comes to the Barcelona's State of Affair this season. We all thought this week will be dominated by the two crucial away matches, that could define the future for Setién's Barcelona.

It didn't happen that way! Now, there is a full-blown battle between the Captain and the Technical director - Messi and Eric Abidal. The former teammates have gone against each other with statements, even though one could argue that Messi took it personally.

Jul 9, 2013

Finally yesterday, I received two great news which I have waited for since the start of Transfer Window. First was the signing of David Villa to Atletico Madrid and then it was the signing of Eric Abidal at AS Monaco. It wasn't like I didn't want them to stay at Barca; but it was better for them to go to a club where their services will be seen as adding values rather than an obligation or charity. Of the two, the Abidal signing brings in more emotions one could explain in a blog post. He has gone through a lot in the last two seasons. In his own words, it has changed the way he looked at life and what he hold as valuable in life. If we were this emotional, think about Eric Abidal. What he was going through while signing the deal was perfectly captured by Abidal's measured words - "It's very emotional, it's huge. After what I've been through, it wasn't easy to find a club with confidence in me." Hidden in those words are a serious feeling of hurt at the way may be Barca dealt with him. AS Monaco has given him a one year deal with an option to extend it further the next season; something we could have offered.

Jun 29, 2013

The way Eric Abidal saga has ended had left a very bad taste in every Barca fan's mouth. Many expected it to be resolved favorably especially towards the player - but it wasn't to be. At this moment there are rumors about Abidal being signed by Monaco, the newest rich club in the block. The way the club handled the entire issue of his renewal literally forcing Abidal to walk out of the club, have to admit was very disgraceful. Abidal always made it clear that he wanted to continue playing even after the liver transplantation. But for some reason the club expected him to retire from active football and become a club mascot/icon. It is understandable that the club had doubts about Abidal's fitness and availability but as far as I am concerned if we had to take a risk on one player it had to be him. And those reasons are not based on any sympathy or charity but on solid footballing reasons; I will detail those later.

Jan 17, 2012

Barca fans across the globe were given a very happy news ahead of the first leg of Copa del Rey clasico - King Abidal will be extending his stay at Barca. Abidal's current contract wiould have ended in this June and a lot of Barca fans were quiet worried at the delay in tying up the Frenchman at Camp Nou. Abidal enjoys a heroic status followed by his performances of last two season and also by the will and spirit he shown when he was diagnosed with tumor last season. For Guardiola, Abidal has been a very essential player as his pace in defense was very vital while trying the three man defense. As I understand, Abidal will extend his contract for one year with a clause to further extend it for another two year. So guys rejoice, the "KING is here to STAY".

Mar 16, 2011

Update: The Operation has been brought forward to Thursday, as informed by the club.

A tumor has been detected in Eric Abidal's liver and the player will undergo operation to have it removed on Friday. He will be operated on by Dr. Josep Fuster Obregon in the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona on Friday, 18th March. Eric Abidal has been one of Barca's top performer this season. So missing him at such a crucial juncture could be very crucial for us. All our prayers should be with Abidal and his family for a successful operation and quick recovery. We will be eagerly praying and waiting for our Frenchman's return.

Feb 10, 2010

Guardiola will have some sleeples night after his preferred left-back Abidal has been ruled out of action for two months due to a thigh injury. Already Barca will be missing Alves, Toure due to injury and Pique and Marquez due to suspension in Sunday's visit to Atletico Madrid. This put Guardiola in a very tight spot as he has to organise the defense with Milito, Puyol, Chygrynskiy and Maxwell. The injury come to Abidal in a very unfortunate time as he has been in excellent form recently. Maxwell's performance last week at Right back gave an assurance that we may not be missing Alves that much. Now it's all back to square one. Iniesta also returned early from training after suffering a knock on his leg, but the club assured that it was a precautionary step. Marc Bartra and Andreu Fontas from Barca Atletic has been called up as cover for the injuries.

Sep 3, 2007

The victory against Bilbao was secured in the first half. Barcelona went in to the match with al lot of criticism for their lackluster performance last week. Early on the first half, barca players hunger to keep the critics away was evident. They played like a team possessed. Athletic Bilbao should had considered themselves lucky at half time for trailing by only 2 goals. The second half in itself was a sharp contrast. Ronaldinho and Messi were setting the tone for the first half, every time Messi gets the ball there was a big anticipation for something big. And he didn't disappoint. Ronaldinho stellar performance should have subsidized all the Transfer rumors for now(its going to return in January, take a break). From the last some Liga games , its look like his free kick technique is coming back. But for me the star of the show was Eric Abidal - My God what a player. Its not surprising all of the Barcelona's attacks came either through him or Zambrotta. He should have solved our Left back misery, hope so. But whatever he is showing he is worth to watch.

In contrast to the first half, second half saw the last year Barcelona coming back(unfortunately). They were losing ball very easily, there was no conviction in the passing and it took the supporters booing to remind players they are there to win games. In contrast to first half - where the defence looked like compact and sealed, second half defence sometimes had no idea of what they were doing. The problem with Barca last season and still continues- is that after taking the early lead or control they tend to sit back. Because of which they end up conceding late equalizers. How many time did that happen last season. Rijkaard has to pay attention here.

It will be big injustice not to mention these two players in this article - Deco and Henry. Deco as usual is the marshal of Barca's Midfield. He was there all the time with all those tricks and turns. Hope he continues to find such form every night. When he moved to Barca, I thought he will not gel well with Barca system, I was proven wrong - He is looking good and he is due for his goal, mark my word he is going to get a lot.

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