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Nov 13, 2019

It's not a secret that Barcelona is facing a managerial crisis. Day by day, Valverde is proving a misfit and the active rumors are that the club is looking for his replacement.

Who could be the Next Manager of FC Barcelona?

Barcelona fans are getting fed up with Ernesto Valverde on a daily basis. The only reason why the clown even has the job is the little Argentinian wizard, Lionel Messi. If Messi keeps doing stuff like what he has done against Celta Vigo, we may never see an end to the torturous regime of Ernesto Valverde. That's a scary thought in itself!

There is news coming out about Barcelona actively looking for a person to replace Valverde. The board in itself is struggling to decide on the kind of personality. It appears certain Board members are keen on someone who has been with the Club whereas others believe we need someone with not connection to shake the team fully.

Nov 6, 2019

Pique was never considered as a legendary defender like his Puyol, but his consistency gave Barcelona stability. But has the time come for the Club to say Goodbye to him? And the reasons may not be purely based on form.

4 Reasons Why Gerard Pique is the Weakest Link?

Gerard Pique has been one of the players who represented Barcelona's Club identity for so long. It's not only the footballing identity but also the Club's larger identity also the Catalan identity. The player has not let go of any opportunities to reiterate any of these identities.

If it's a clash with Real Madrid players in social media or a fight with anti-Catalan activist or reiterating the necessity for Calatalunian Independence, Pique is at the forefront in Social Media. Like every other celebrity, he only remains at the forefront in the Internet world only. We haven't seen him participating in any protests!

Nov 4, 2019

Under Valverde Barcelona is outdoing themselves in reaching new lows. Despite all these the Club under the enviable leadership of Bartomeu seems unmoved. Why so? Is there something fishy?

4 Surprising Reasons Why Bartomeu will never Sack Valverde?

Valverde's Barcelona is outdoing themselves with every travel they make outside of Barcelona. Earlier till last season, it was against the top teams outside of Barcelona where we struggled. But now it's just the moment we step out of the camp Nou, we look clueless. The Levante match was no different, we have seen this script being played out time and again this season.

A lot of people expected that Valverde will be sacked following this defeat. That never happened! Instead, he gave us a lecture of how the team will react, about emotions, about this being rare and so on. He could do all these as he has the total backing of Bartomeu, who instead of condemning the team or coach, immediately reiterated the Club's confidence in the manager.

This clearly shows until something extremely disastrous happens, we are stuck with this clown for some time. Some may ask what could be more disastrous than what's going on? I reiterate, 'Something Disastrous for Bartomeu'!

Oct 24, 2019

Barcelona had to thank their mercurial keeper Ter Stegan for an undeserving victory against Slavia Praha which put Barcelona's qualification to next round a sure certainity.

Ter Stegan's Heroics give Barcelona a Lucky Victory against Slavia Praha

It doesn't come as a surprise anymore. Barcelona's struggles away from home, especially in Europe, are now a regular thing. Guess we will be literally shocked if we dominate an away game nowadays. Once mediocre becomes a way of life, you tend to accept these kinds of victories. That's why there are idiots calling this victory a tough but important victory.

There should not be any doubt about the quality of Barcelona's display against Slavia Praha last night. It was way below mediocre. We were saved by two moments and a series of saves pulled by Barcelona's Super Man, Ter Stegan. Messi played decently well scoring one and creating another; apart from that everyone else literally was nonsense.

Oct 17, 2019

Despite the great comeback against Inter Milan, Barcelona should not be fooled and should immediately sack Valverde and get Xavi Hernandez on board. The mercurial midfield genius could be one guy who could bring back what Barcelona is lacking desperately - Identity.

Barcelona Need to replace Valverde with Xavi Now. Otherwise it would be Too Late!

From the time of the reports emerging about Xavi earning his UEFA Pro Coaching License, there has been intense speculation about when he will take charge of Barcelona. There were even suggestions that the Board gave Valverde one more year extension only as a filler buster role, till Xavi is ready to take up the role. In all probability, Xavi would take over Barcelona at the start of next season.

But will it be too late for Barcelona. Under Valverde, we are living with an 'Identity Crisis'. And we need someone who understands, Barcelona's sole to be in charge. That too soon!

Oct 16, 2019

 Was it Wise for Barcelona to Loan Out Philippe Coutinho?

Philippe Coutinho has rapidly established himself as the best player in the Bundesliga after joining Bayern Munich on loan from Barca. The former Liverpool man struggled to make an impact at Camp Nou following his £142 million move last year.

Barcelona tried to sell him in the summer, but they could not find anyone willing to meet his price tag, so they decided to loan him out to Bayern. Coutinho has rediscovered his very best form at the German club, scoring twice and providing three assists in the early stages of the campaign, and generally dazzling with his brilliance on the ball.

Feb 12, 2018

Paco Alcacer at the Camp Nou

Signed back in 2016 from yo-yoing Valencia, Paco Alcacer looked set to be the next home grown player who’d work his way into the starting line-up at Barcelona. Luis Enrique was in charge when he signed for the club, with it trending in the traditional ideology of only bringing certain styles of players from a select few nations, with Spain obviously being the primary option, but the transfer of this forward always looked like an arguably pointless one.

Sep 28, 2017

- "Messi" (CC BY 2.0) by jeroen_bennink -

When the final whistle blew at Montilivi it was after another Barca master class as they ran out 0-3 winners against Girona. Two own goals and a Luis Suarez strike was enough to keep Barcelona top and stretch their unbeaten run to 6 games this season.

It is 6 wins from 6 and all the early signs are ominous for the chasing pack including bitter rivals Real Madrid. Barca look as fluid as ever and are a real threat going forward. Teams will be scratching their heads and wondering how to stop Barca picking them apart and running riot. It often turns into a rout once they get to 5th gear.

The glimmer of hope for the rest of La Liga will be the fact that Messi was contained last night after being man marked for the entire game. His threat was snuffed out by defender Pablo Maffeo as the youngster didn't give Messi a moment’s rest. The on loan defender from Manchester City stuck to his task and was able to negotiate the mastery of Messi.

Sep 14, 2017

Before he moved to one of the world's largest football clubs, French prodigy Ousmane Dembélé was already being hailed as a future Ballon d'Or winner by pundits. Commenting on the young star's early career at Borussia Dortmund, Bleacher Report's Dean Jones not only suggested he'd win the coveted trophy but that he's better than Cristiano Ronaldo was when he was 20. Pointing to his decision making abilities and, importantly, consistency, Jones rated Dembélé as one of the top young prospects in the world and certainly one to watch.

Mar 10, 2017

Neymar Celebrating victory over PSG

- Man of the Match Neymar Celebrating with Fans -

If they can score four goals against us, we can score six. We have nothing to lose and a lot to win. Luis Enrique

As Luis Enrique and Luis Saurez said, we will score six if we need to; that came true at the end of a magical night at the Camp Nou. It was an impossible task, from every definition. The UEFA statistician who gives the probability of each team to progress pinned Barca's hope for a turn around at 0%. No one can blame him; it's never done; it's never imagined either! But in the end he will be sitting in front of his laptop with egg on his face for making the most astonishing prediction ever. The team to which he gave 100% chance is booted out by the team who had 0% chance. It was that kind of a night, one where "The Impossible becomes the Possible". Two days have passed since the memorable night; still everyone I spoke with is struggling to find words to describe it. It was a night when the Grit, the Determination, the Desire and the Will of the Barca players propelled the club to greater heights. In a strange sense many pundits were ready to declare the end of this Barca era which already have spanned 12 years on Wednesday; but instead are left to wonder at the magic produced consistently by the Golden Era Barca Club.

Mar 1, 2017

It is not just the players this summer that is going to have a lot of speculation wrote about them changing club but also the managers. The most likely move at the top of the EPL is Arsene Wenger with the fans wanting a change so that the history of Gunners players bottling it at crucial times stops. It remains to be seen if a new man in charge will be able to stop this trend, especially if the club loses both Ozil and Sanchez in the summer transfer window. If Arsenal does change managers the hot favorite for his job at 12bet is Massimiliano Allegri. The manager is now in charge of Juventus who sit at the top of Serie A and seven points clear of nearest rivals Roma. It has been reported by Spanish media though that Barcelona is keeping tracks on the head coach with a view to signing him this summer.

Feb 3, 2017

Lionel Mess, Luis Saurez and Neymar with Champions League Trophy

T he first knockout stage of the Champions League is less than a fortnight away, and once again, Barcelona are heavy favourites to lift the “big ears” at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff come June.However, Luis Enrique’s side haven’t been at their best this season. Their performances have fluctuated from brilliant one day to abysmal the other, hence pinning hopes on Barça winning their fourth Champions League in nine seasons might be a bit premature at this stage. If you are going to place your bets now, it would be prudent to opt to signup via Betting Expert to William Hill or any other bookmaker and take advantage of the best betting bonuses available.

Feb 2, 2014

Sometimes a small signature could make the biggest change. And this our chance. Sign the petition to STOP STAR Sports exploitation. Please spread the word too..

Jan 2, 2014

"Greed is so destructive. It destroys everything. - Eartha Kitt "

Football fans in India had experienced this feeling before, especially La Liga fans - The feeling of being non-existent in the Grand schemes of things. We La Liga fans faced it some years back when one fine morning Star Sports announced that they won't be telecasting the Spanish League anymore. What shocked us that it happened in the 2009-10 season, when Football's greatest current superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo all were playing in Spain? Majority of the footballing superstars were playing in Spain, but still Star Network deemed it not necessary to pursue the rights to telecast La Liga. The next season Dubai based Ten Sports bagged the rights and La Liga fans were pretty happy with the continued coverage(even though their pre-match analysis program tortured us a bit). Last season STAR SPORTS once again jumped in the pool and won the rights for La Liga for the next three years. Followers of this blog will do well to remember that I did warn you to get ready for Step Motherly treatment of La Liga over EPL. But it looks like that warning was nothing compared to what STAR SPORTS had in store for us!

Dec 3, 2013

  • FIFA Ballon d’Or has been mired in many controversies, there is no stoppage this time around.
  • A small change in the voting method will make the process efficient and proper.
Lionel Messi with his thre FIFA Ballon d'Or Awards

"Controversy equalizes fools and wise men - and the fools know it. - Oliver Holmes "

F IFA is no stranger to controversy! Everything they does ends up in controversy. Some years back they decided to find the "Best Player of the Century", hope none of you haven't forgotten the controversy it created. FIFA's intention could not have been doubted, but the method they employed definitely landed them in soup; that too in a matter which always was very controversial in footballing circles. Learning from their mistakes is something FIFA hates to do and they seldom do. So they continued with their time-honoured fashion of creating one controversy after the other. The controversy surrounding Ballon d'Or is the latest in a series of unfortunate events (Check out the Odds on this year's Ballon d'Or winner at football coupons). Having the "King of Fools" ,Sepp Blatter at the helm definitely helps in achieving the job faster. Now Sepp Blatter is no fool, he is just acting as one.

Jul 31, 2013

UEFA Financial Fair Play(FFP) Regulations, was the much touted idea of UEFA President, Michael Platini to sort out the precarious financial situations in which most of the clubs in Europe find fully immersed in. When introduced as an idea, one have to admit there were a genuine fear about the regulations and many clubs started taking steps to be compliant with the regulations. What are these regulations? Simply put(quoting from Wikipedia), "Only a club’s outgoings in transfers and employee benefits (including wages) will be counted over income from gate receipts, TV revenue, advertising, merchandising, sales of players and prize money is included in the assessment. Any money spent on infrastructure, training facilities or youth development will not be included." Like many football fans, I also believed wrongly that this will get the entire European League back on financial stability. Even though, I did have some reservations about smaller clubs being at a disadvantage. I did write about the same earlier in two of my post which can be found here - and Spending Cap, Is it Fair?.

Jul 30, 2013

Or, more appropraitely put, Why on earth would Chelsea sell David Luiz to any team? Isn't that an interesting question. In one of my previous post which detailed about Barca's transfer targets, I did indeed raise the same question, about the need for Chelsea to sell a player so integral to them. But none of those reasoning has stopped the Barca press in building this up. Today SPORT has broken a new development in the never ending saga - Bayern is no more interested in the player. Now was Bayern ever interested in the player, one needs to ask the Daily Mail correspondent who created that rumour. SPORT is not to be left behind. So they have reported to day that the negotiations with Chelsea is in advanced stage and an important development will happen this week itself. If that interesting development ends up as an official declaration by Chelsea that the player will not be sold, don't get surprised then. SPORT some days back has put Thiago and Villa in the same boat to Manchester in anticipation of the ship carrying His Highness Wayne Rooney; only to see David Villa jump out and hit the shores at Madrid.

Jul 24, 2013

Gerardo "Tata" Martino has been officially appointed as Football Club Barcelona's Coach for the next two season. One have to be excused if he end up reading the first line with a familiar expression - "Tata Who?". And it's a fact! No one knew Martino before a week or so. He was virtually unknown to majority of Barca fans and almost whole of the European football fans. Can't blame the fans? You hardly track news about a guy who has never managed anywhere in Europe. Even his Spanish football experience is limited to a single season with Tenerife. In his prime as a player in Argentina, Martino could only muster up a single appearance in the National colours. Hence the virtual anonymity in Europe. Even then he was voted as the Greatest Player of the Newell's Old Boys by their fans. The legendary status is reinforced by taking the club to the top of "Torneo Final" last season. But Why did Barca go with someone who has no experience in Europe and all his success and experience has come in South America?

Jul 11, 2013

There has been unanimous agreement among football pundits and fans across the World about where Barca needs reinforcements this season. After getting thrashed 7-0 by a brilliant Bayern Munich side, naturally the focus was on defense. But there was enough recognisation that even the attack needs some add-ons; and in Neymar they hope that they have the perfect weapon. But there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the area where the maximum focus needs to be placed is in defense. It is a nice thing to see Football Club Barcelona trying to iron out the issues that plagued them throughout last season. The single minded pursuit of Thiago Silva and even keeping the David Luiz option as a back up shows how important the management see the need of reinforcement. But in this huge transfer saga going on, with details changing every day; one has to ask oneself whether an aquisition of either Thiago Silva or a David Luiz really gonna solve our issues?

Jul 9, 2013

  • Cancellation of Los Angeles Friendly draws ire of US Media and Fans.
  • Even Chicago Friendly has landed in serious controversy.

Things are not going well for Lionel Messi, at least on the Public Relation front. First it was the tax avoidance allegations, then came the cancelled friendly in Los Angeles and then came another disaster after the Chicago Friendly. To be honest Messi has nothing to do with any of this mess. The tax situation could be a bit of legal tussle; since his attorneys have stayed firm we could assume the case is strong on his side. The LA Friendly cancellation have somehow squarely landed on his head. This is happening even when there were other star players scheduled to play in that; Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Robert Lewandowski, Sergio Aguero and Boateng all were supposed play in that and all are in United States presently. But when the organisers decided to cancel the event they placed the entire blame on Lionel Messi.

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