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Jan 12, 2021

With turn of the new year, Lionel Messi has come back to his usual self scoring goals and terrorizing opposition. Let's take a look at what went right for Barcelona's captain so suddenly.

It all starts to come back slowly, atleast for Lionel Messi. The turn of New Year has brought a new Lionel Messi, who is sudddenly once again the greatest player on earth. He currently leads the La Liga scoring charts, in a season which is considered his worst ever!

Barcelona still is a long way away from making a legitimate challenge for League, but if Messi has unleashed himself, we all could dream. But what happened so suddenly that we see a different Lionel Messi.

Was Koeman Stiffling Lionel Messi's effectiveness?

Everyones keep wondering where this Messi was. They all points to some super natural interventions, or he finding his purpose. But for those who notices, answer is simple - he is alllowed now to be Lionel Messi.

From the moment Koeman stepped his foot in Barcelona he was after Barcelona captain. As I expressed earlier, his immaturity was shown to the World when he decided to make the first meeting with his Captain into send the 'The New Boss is Here' message. It showed his insecurity where he was open to fail, rather than messi getting the credit.

Now suddenly after getting stuck in seriously bad situation, which could turn to worse following the arrival of the new President, Koeman it appears have a change of mind. Suddenly he has done away with the 4-2-3-1 formation, and now suddenly is back to a formation where Messi is afforded some space.

That's technically all what a Coach should do at Barcelona - try to create space for Messi to operate. Koeman earlier was stiffling the team for space with the stupid 4-2-3-1 formation. With space to operate and Pedri on his side and Dembele available to make the picth bigger, Messi is unleashing himself at the opposition.

We need to see how long this freedom last for Lionel Messi. Koeman knows very clearly that if situation does not become better, he will be fired on the first day of arrival of new President. He is looking for a breather. What will happen once the new President decides to continue with him. That's the big question?

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