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Oct 30, 2020

Just as critics began speculating on the downfall of FC Barcelona, a 2-0 victory over Juventus in the Champions League has now silenced the crowd. But can newly appointed head coach Ronald Koeman continue to keep his squad above board and hold onto the confidence they have earnt tonight?

We must understand the criticism towards Barcelona was more self-inflicted and at times has been unavoidable. When Lionel Messi announced his willingness to depart from his life-long club after their exit from the 2019/2020 Champions League had played out, and they had finished behind their rivals Real Madrid in domestic competition, these tensions organically reflected the team's on-pitch efforts.


Triumphant in Turin, perhaps the resignation of Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu arrived just in time. Messi frowning whilst still performing like an absolute star is a sight to see, and maybe, just maybe, his grudge with the ex-President can remain with the person and not the club.

A 3-1 defeat in the El Classico was a tough pill to swallow for Barca, but a Juventus side looking like a deer with one leg due to the absence of Ronaldo were the perfect prey for revenge. The boss must be delighted with the comeback given the off-pitch drama, and hope the result is the turn of a new leaf.

Andrea Pirlo had struggles with correcting the defensive negatives, Barca pilled the pressure, barely giving the Juventus squad room to breathe. Pirlo has always held the club he once nearly joined in high regard, too much respect for Barcelona could have been a downfall. A deflected goal for Dembele was somewhat lucky, but as the game progressed the one-way traffic in favour of Barca made the 90th-minute penalty a deserving outro.

We should note, Alvaro Morata had three goals ruled offside, covid-19 ruling out Ronaldo was now a problem more than ever. The timing and leadership of the Portuguese international became desired.


If we take a respectable opinion on where Barcelona could finish in the UCL, we'll use the available betting odds to win the UCL at 14/1 puts them as the fifth favourites behind Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Liverpool & PSG.

One more win in the group stages and Barcelona will have secured their qualification into the elimination stages of the tournament – and this outcome looks highly probably with two wins and seven goals for Barca. They are matched up with Dynamo Kiev in the next in what should be another easy three points.

The odds available will drop significantly once Barcelona progress leaving room for a cash-out option even if you do not believe they can win the entire tournament. Barcelona has almost guaranteed their place in the next stages by defeating Juventus in their first leg encounter, even with a loss during the replay the other teams should not cause Barca any problems.

Barcelona have the talent to lift the trophy, and the odds are tempting, but a favourite amongst the Barcelona squad in Lionel Messi is the bookmaker's favourite to score the most goals in the UCL this year. This suggests they also believe Barca will surpass the group stages and at the least, make an appearance in the top sixteen.

5/1 odds for Lionel Messi to continue his angry goal-scoring spree seems fair, he's already bagged two goals within the first two fixtures. Before the group stage has concluded, I would not be surprised if we witnessed a hat-trick from the ageing superstar.

Group G looks secure, the odds have drifted but a longshot on Barca to win the tournament as mentioned could return a cash-out opportunity if they reached the quarter-finals. Or better yet, their form remains strong, and our beloved Barcelona can collect another piece of silverware. The most favourable bet should be Messi to score the most, giving your bet hope even if Barcelona fail to capture glory. In-fact, Barcelona could exit during the quarter-finals, and Messi could remain as the top goal scorer.

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