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Apr 23, 2021

How would the Supporters of the European Super League react if tomorrow Government decide to adopt a similar strategy (if they haven't already). Will they support the rich appropriating most of the resources of a nation? Maybe they will, provided they can feel benefitted!

This is a rant piece against those staunch supporters of the European Super League, who cannot see anything other than their club and its future. They technically don't care about what happens to other clubs, the nations footballing structure. They live in a bubble where they worry about only one thing, the profit statement of their club. Even if your club makes colossal stupid financial decisions that put them in a dire situation!

These clubs are like those blood-sucking parasites who feed on the poor and average joe. Even a club like FC Barcelona, who are found on the principle of 'More than a Club', couldn't resist this move. That proves that 'Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

The Big Clubs Proves that they are like the Big Banks

When the financial crisis happened, we saw how the Governments went in and saved the Big Banks. We all ranted against it. It was like the lives of average men and women didn't matter. They were left to fend off for themselves. But the big banks whose missteps brought in the crisis were rewarded twice. Once on the upside and again on the downside.

One could argue that in a time of crisis like that there were no other options. But imagine what happens if we institutionalize that? What should happen if when the next crisis strikes, all the rich get together and form a cartel and demand that since we generate most of the revenue for the nation, and we are most important (who cares whether the average joe survives or even exist?) elements of the society, we demand to keep the entire Nation's resources for ourselves?

Even though technically they are still doing it, but at least they have to pretend they are not. What will happen to the entire world if we made that a system in which we live. There would be people who are close to these rich guys and who benefits from them supporting it. Does that mean we call it a fair system?

Any System sould be Fair and most Importantly appear Fair!

May be some may argue that comparing a Government system and a sport system is not apt. Maybe it's not, but the point of comparison is whether it's a fair system. No organization can run endlessly with a system that is not fair but also don't appear fair. That's the trick Governments play on use - even though the system is not fair, they make it appear fair.

The European Super League is not fair in its implementation nor its appearance. It's a closed circuit that cares about the well being of a handful of clubs. And that too the economic well being. A club like Real Madrid or Barcelona will be getting more money to sign players as it's a supporters owned club.

But what about the clubs which are owned by individuals. For example, why would some assume that Glazer's will put more money into the team when they know that regardless of the team's success the reward is always guaranteed. They will take more out of the club than they put in. The system in itself is detrimental to the footballing success of these clubs. But people will only realize that too late. Like how Barcelona fans are realizing the truth about the Rossell-Bartomeu partnership?

For me the supporters of the Super Leagues are no worse than the apologists of those dictators. They battle for a system that is unfair even in its appearance. But that doesn't shake them, as they believe in the right of themselves to exist. Everyone else matters. But if the tables are turned on them, let's say like the Government implementing a system for the rich, will they still support it. Maybe they will, for them it's all about their benefit!

For me I am against a system that is unfair in its implementation and its appearance. If the system in itself treats participants differently, then that system does not have any right to exist. But then, the supporters of this system will argue that the system is treating every participant fairly. It's only that everyone is not allowed to participate. Is that fair?

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