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May 14, 2021

As things stand, the 'European Super League' experiment is very much alive. Only three of the founding members are still in it, but against everyone's expectation, they continue to remain steadfast on the idea.

Maybe a change of tone is in offing, but still, these three Clubs, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus remains committed to the idea. Gone are those arrogant announcement and the disastrous press appearance by Perez, now there is an attempt to play the victim card. They seldom realize that the ship has sailed away from the port.

UEFA needs to Sanction the three Super League Clubs

The latest media release from these three clubs has put UEFA on a spot. UEFA's initial assessment has that not only they have killed the rebellion, but also they have managed to announce a symbolic sanction/fine which was a face-saving exercise for both them and the Clubs. But that all have gone down the drain now!

It was assumed that UEFA cannot go against these big Clubs as they are the major money maker. Even after the initial conflict, we immediately saw a change instance by UEFA who were even backed by FIFA. No one was interested in a conflict and everyone worked towards a face-saving act. The nine clubs who left the Super League experiment due to fan pressure immediately accepted the fine imposed by UEFA.

Now with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus openly backing the Super League, UEFA may not have any other option than announcing sanctions against them. Especially when UEFA has been magnanimous in the way they handled the situation once the Clubs returned to the fold.

Should UEFA Sanction the Players of the Club?

The big question is how will UEFA handle the situation now. Will the players who play for these clubs will be caught in the crossfire. UEFA's Euro Cup is to start this summer, and any sanctions of involved players could change the fortune of the tournament. According to the latest betting euro 2021, France is a prime candidate but if Griezmann, Lenglet, Umtiti, Varane and Dembele are ineligible that will change the entire situation.

At the end of the day, none of these players had a role in any of the Club's doing. Most of them were in a similar situation like we were when the announcement came. They may be guilty of not speaking against it, but to sanction them now will be too harsh on them.

Had those nine clubs remained in the Super League then sanctioning players would be the only option left for UEFA. But now the story is different. If Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are omitted from next season's Champions League, there will be substantial revenue loss, but it's not anything to worry about much.

These clubs are not the best in Europe at present. Apart from Lionel Messi, no big star would be missed. And if sanctions are announced both Ronaldo and Messi are expected to join some other clubs. It's not even clear whether Juventus will qualify for the Champions League. These three clubs made the mistake of waging a war when they are at the weakest.

Being a Barcelona fan, this is even tough to say. But to be fair, these three clubs should be sanctioned immediately as their arrogance is trying to destroy the game. The loss of revenue will be too much for these teams to handle and they will be back to mending ways soon. But not acting now is not an option for UEFA!

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