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Jul 21, 2021

Barcelona Fans are agitated that Atletico Madrid is not properly evaluating Griezmann. My simple question to these fools will be - WHY SHOULD THEY?

If there is a fan base that is slowly becoming the synonym of fools, it has to be the Barcelona fan base. The kind of garbage the bunch of fools are ready to swallow baffles even the dumbest person on Earth. Count me out of it!

In my last post, I wrote why the Cules should not get excited much about the Griezmann and Saul deal. Now I feel like a brilliant oracle as the deal is currently rumoured to be off. It still may go on, but the chances of it failing is much higher than success.

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. Soren Kierkegaard

Fools at Barcelona have to Start Seeing Reality

The fools in charge of the club, and the fans all have to desperately change their perception of reality. The sooner they do the better! The naivety of the Barcelona fans is the reason why we are in this kind of a mess. They are ready to swallow anything that sounds romantic. The leaders knew that and are constantly feeding them.

When I first heard about , I was literally baffled. My medium IQ brain was struggling to find a reason why Atletico Madrid will benefit from that. After a lot of analysis, I concluded that Atletico was doing this because of pressure from the League to keep Messi in La Liga.

That analysis was itself thrown into the air once I start hearing demands from Barcelona about additional cash or a player to the club in the deal. I was baffled at the stupidity of those in charge of the Club. You are going for a fire sale to save your life, and you start making demands! That's a near impossibility.

The deal in itself was a huge risky one. There were too many factors, first Griezmann had to agree. Not only he has to agree, but Barcelona also had to convince him to reduce his wages so that Atletico will sign him. That in itself was a huge task. Now with this debacle, the upper hand will be with Griezmann. Barcelona will struggle to sell him, and to make matters worse Griezmann may not even agree to a pay cut.

Barcelona needs to be Smart and Stop Living in Utopia

The most important thing for Barcelona will be that everyone involved with the Club - the management, the fans and players, start seeing the bare reality which is staring straight at them. The fans and Management need to understand just because you have Lionel Messi, we don't become a premier club. The players also need to understand the reality staring at them.

Instead of threatening players like Umtiti and others, Barcelona needs to take them in the wings and explain the bare helplessness of the club. None of them has any incentive to take a pay cut. Don't start with loyalty. They don't have any reason to be loyal to a club that is looking to get rid of them at the very first opportunity.

Instead of being hostile, let's work a deal with them. Get them at least to take a pay cut of 20%, to begin with. In the current situation, even that will be huge for Club's financials. Always remember that these players will not be able to earn this high salary ever again. So they have the interest to maximize their earning. I doubt that the fans will pool to fund their family expenses later in their life.

But still we can make them take sacrifices. Only if you deal with them as valuable human beings. But if you are going to treat them like some kind of slaves, we will only lose. To that Barcelona, fans need to climb down from those high stairs and start living on the ground. We are not the Club every player is looking to sign for. That was earlier, the reality is quite different.

We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Martin Luther King Jr

Always remember that we make sacrifices because of fraternity and brotherhood and then about the ideals. But if there is no Brotherhood, even the most idealistic person will not make any sacrifices.

You could continue complaining about how players are greedy, how other clubs are devaluing our players, how the world is against us, so on. Or you could correct all this by realizing that 'The Whole World is not Full of Fools like Us. That's a Simple Fix!

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