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Nov 26, 2020

Diego Maradona, arguably the 'Greatest Player of All Time' passed away last night due to cardiac arrest. The Footballing World has lost his most beloved son, who remained an enigma on and off the pitch.

No one has managed to create an aura around himself like the way Diego Armando Maradona managed to weave around himself. He was the man football in every definition. Every one of his actions was followed closely by millions of fans around the World. He remains the most popular footballer ever to graze a footballing pitch.

There will never be another Diego Maradona. Such was the genius of a player whose story has every element of a Hollywood thriller. The rags to rich ascension and the collapse thereafter. At his departure, we should celebrate the joy he provided to every one of us on the footballing pitch. The rest of all we should leave it to the man and his maker!

Mar 24, 2010

Maradona vs Messi is the Hottest Debate in Football Circles

News rooms around the world have been searching for adjectives to explain what they saw at the La Romareda stadium on Sunday night. Barcelona based media houses declared him the "Greatest in The History of the Game" after his second consecutive hat-tricks, media houses and fans around the world has seconded it. Madrid based newspaper were forced to give into the brilliance of Lionel Messi featuring him on the cover, may be not at the best of the spot. Messi with his consistent performances in recent weeks has re-opened the old debate of "Who is Better - Maradona or Messi?" Many Barca fans has proclaimed him already as the best in the history, way ahead of Maradona. The Zaragoza coach, who was at the receiving end on Sunday declared and I quote - "Tonight, I saw Diego Maradona, but at more revs per minute". Cristiano Ronaldo might be feeling like he has put his foot in his mouth after recently overlooking Messi and declaring that Kaka, Rooney and Drogba are the only World class players around, ofcourse apart from himself. It looks like Messi has taken that snub seriously and has been in devastating form since then.

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