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Feb 6, 2020

Barcelona management needs to revisit its choice of making Eric Abidal the Club's Director of Football. There is little chance of the team, especially Messi reconciling with him soon, despite the public show of compromise!

The spat between Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal has been dominating the news for the last 24 hours. One has to wonder what will be the scar that this will leave out to the fabric of this team. Already they are running against time to get in ready with Philosophy of the new manager!

Bartomeu has declared the crisis to be over after calling a meeting between the two former teammates, Messi and Abidal. Despite that, one should question the feasibility of things going back to normal. Maybe it's time we let Abidal go off his responsibilities, which he had failed to do as detailed below.

1. Failing to Take Responsibilities of His Failure

The prime reason has got nothing to do with the spat but has got everything to do with the question of 'WHY'. The statement against Xavi and the players were made to hide his failing as the Club's Director of Football. In that aspect, he has morphed into the Bartomeu mode, where everything is fine and every crisis is someone else making!

Barcelona was indeed in desperate need for a striker, but failed to do so. The club failed in every aspect on that front - Failed to understand the need, failed to evaluate feasible options, and failed to properly value the available options! Instead, we ran like a headless chicken. The fact that had Setién didn't insist, we would not have even attempted says everything about the gravity of mess.

Instead of admitting these, Abidal went on an almighty defense of himself. He could have very clearly said that we couldn't achieve our objectives because of market reality. Instead, he declared that Barcelona didn't need a striker signing! Whom he is trying to fool. Setién already has said that he would have loved a striker signing, and for heaven's sake, it's obvious for everyone to see.

Like his boss, Abidal is desperately trying to hold on to his position. Nothing matters for him other than the benefits and perks associated with his position!

2. Reluctance to Take Necessary decision at the Right Time

Reading Abidal preaching about how certain Barcelona players were not trying hard under Valverde and that forced him to sack the manager was like listening to a political speech. There was no sincerity in anything he said. Whatever he said was plain and obvious for everyone to see, not in this December for some time. Even then he didn't see any reason for alarm.

The very fact that Valverde wasn't sacked the next day after the Anfield debacle says a lot of Abidal's desire to take necessary actions. Instead, he allowed the entire thing to rot to such an extent that every section of the crowd started shouting.

And how did the entire operation go? Brilliant, I guess! Valverde never knew what was happening around, the expected Candidate shortlist got increasing and decreasing at will. The players including captain didn't know a thing! Exactly like this winter transfer window and that operation to bring Neymar back!

Then none of this is his fault. We are at fault! We for some stupid reason believed that the 'Director of Football' is supposed to take care of the footballing interest of the Club. It appears that it wasn't part of the Job Description.

3. Backstabbing the Team at a Very Crucial Juncture

One could argue that everything Abidal said about the team and Valverde is true. No one denies it! But then not all truth is to be spoken out in the open. Especially if you are in charge of the footballing affairs of the team.

The team has been trying to reinvent themselves under a new Coach. As a Footballing director, you have already made the change which you believe would correct all that was wrong with the team. So when queried why he sacked Valverde, he should have the common sense to give a diplomatic decision. That is a responsibility that comes with his role.

He is not appointed as the Director of Football to go to press and express his displeasure. Instead, he is supposed to act, and he should have a long time ago. If he feels things are going bad, he has every right to appraise the Board and sack the person. But as Messi said making such a vague statement will be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the team.

That's definitely not part of the Job Description!

Barcelona needs to find a replacement for Eric Abidal as early as possible. This will be good in terms of getting the team back to shape and also placate Lionel Messi. Otherwise, Messi could be pushing for a transfer next season. remember he could leave for free!

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