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Feb 25, 2020

Bartomeu could be Offering Prayers to St.Messi to create the magic necessary to keep BarcaGate Stories only in the back pages. Will that be enough? Can he once again survive from a damaging crisis riding on some good results of the team?

It's been quite some time since we have seen the white handkerchiefs on display at the Camp Nou. That dreadful display of displeasure by the fans is usually deserved for something quite nasty. And nasty is it, the current situation of the club under this management.

Since the time I wrote last about the I3 Ventures controversy, a lot has happened. The entire controversy itself received a name and an apt name it is - 'The Barca Gate'. Bartomeu had a meeting with the Captains, which didn't go well. But the Board meeting went well for him giving us also an indication of how this will be handled.

Jaume Masferrer is the Designated Scape Goat

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our scapegoat. It appears that was the outcome of the Board meeting hurriedly called by Bartomeu. The entire purpose of the Board meeting was to identify a strategy to deal with this. And it served the purpose.

Jaume Masferrer, an adviser to Bartomeu is suspended by the Board of his duties, remember not sacked! So the strategy from the Board who all are crooks pledging their allegiance to Bartomeu is to put every blame of these guys. He can be singled out as a potentially bad hire by the club. The fun part is that he was just an adviser and remember the decision to align with I3 Ventures was of the Board. But no one from Board is expected to pay the price.

Mr. Bartomeu, Camp Nou Faithfuls are not Buying you Excuse!

The Camp Nou faithful were at fault of empowering this Board to this extent that they don't fear any repercussion. They had taken solace of the good showing of the team, especially Messi and forgave every misstep the Management has taken so far. There were already signs of them getting worn out, looking the other way. This affair was the limit to most of them.

It was heartwarming to see Camp Nou faithful out with the dreaded 'White Handkerchiefs' before the game has started. Looking at the picture of Bartomeu, it was clear to him for who it was meant for. They very clearly sent a message that it was appropriate for him to own up his mistake and resign and leave for the good. The good of the Club. Don't expect it to happen. If Bartomeu needs to go, he has to be kicked out!

Will Messi save Bartomeu's Chair once More

If there is one person who has allowed this idiot to be in power so long, it has to be Lionel Messi. He has been pulling the weight of the team singlehandedly, masking the managements' folly. It is safe to say that had Messi been not there, Barcelona would have kissed goodbye to the current President a long time ago.

Once again, Bartomeu is banking on Messi and the team saving him. In that context, this week is as crucial to him as it is for the team. If we produce two good results at Naples and Madrid, Bartomeu will be hoping that the entire crisis will drop into the back pages. He knows the fans; if there are two good results they will be busy enjoying it rather than fighting these crooks.

Life Won't be Easy for Bartomeu

Even if the story gets drowned out by the team's good results, Bartomeu could struggle to keep it under the wraps. The next home match against Real Sociedad would be an interesting watch, just to see whether there are more white handkerchiefs out. At the same time, Bartomeu's rivals have been re-energized by this controversy. There is already news emerging of Laporta and Font trying to work together despite the difference, to bring down this Board.

The 'Barca Gate' story may have more legs to run that we anticipate. The coming weeks could be crucial!

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