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Feb 12, 2020

Barcelona is looking to use a never-ever used rule in Spanish Football Federation books to sign an emergency signing as a potential replacement for the injured Dembele. Is it fair for other clubs?

Barcelona Football Club has presented their case to the Spanish Federation to allow them to sign an emergency player using a loophole in the Spanish federation rules. The rule allows the club to sign players outside of the transfer window in exceptional circumstances. Remember no club has ever used this rule. That says so much of Barcelona's preparation and management of their squad!

Even though this rule allows for an emergency player signing outside of the transfer window, it comes with a lot of restrictions. Many of which the English pundits who are going crazy about it may not have informed their viewers.

Barcelona may be allowed to Sign a Player in the League

The restrictions start with where this player can play - he can only be played in the domestic competition. The process is that sighting long term injury of Dembele, we are allowed to de-register Dembele and register another player. Even if Dembele makes a miracle recovery, he won't be able to participate in La Liga competitions.

If my understanding of the rules is correct, then the club will be allowed to sign players who will be available on free in the summer. That drastically reduces the quality of choices available. And there are restrictions on the amount you can spend. You cannot spend anything more than 15 Million Euros.

In a nutshell, this ruling allows you to buy out players who will be available for free the very next summer. This ruling was added so that smaller clubs who always struggle with their squad, has the leverage to sign players if one of their major players is injured.

Funny enough, not a single small club has ever used this clause. Instead, a mighty club like Barcelona is using this. That says a lot of how this club is managed!

Why it is Unfair for Barcelona to be allowed to Sign Player?

If the Spanish Federation allows, no one can stop Barcelona from signing the replacement player. That's what the rule allows for and there is no illegality towards that. The only establishment which can stop the transfer is Barcelona itself. And trust me there is a large chance of our management bottling this task of signing another player.

The bigger question on everyone's mind is clearly should Barcelona be allowed to take advantage of this rule? Is it fair on other teams that are chasing for titles this season? As mentioned earlier, this leverage was added so that clubs with lesser resources are not burdened with paying additional player's wages. Not for big clubs like Barcelona.

Being a Barcelona fan, you would love to see any signing especially looking at the current depleted side. But as a neutral analyst, you cannot find any reasoning to allow this. Barcelona is in this mess because they chose to. The injury concerns of their players were not new, and they did absolutely nothing to rectify it.

Now allowing them to sign a player is like tweaking the rules in a tight title race. Barcelona needs to pay for the decision they took in the transfer window. They decided not to sign any players, at the same time they decided to loan out the majority of players.

In a fair system, Barcelona should not be allowed to sign any more players now. If they can't find players for the squad, let them tap into their famous youth system. Barcelona's Season should be defined by the actions they take - both on the pitch and off the pitch.

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