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Feb 13, 2020

The biggest worry for Barcelona is that even if they try to sell him, there could be no takers. Forget the 140 Million we paid, Barcelona will be lucky enough even if we get 30 Million for the player.

Should Barcelona Really Give Up on Ousmane Demebele as a Credible Option? #Barca #FCBarcelona

Ousmane Dembele has been successfully operated and the club has confirmed that he will be not available for at least six months. This rules him out of the rest of the season with Barcelona and also dashed any hopes of him playing at the Euros. The Euros was anyways in question considering the shaky season he already had.

With another injury layoff, if one has to value the time spend by Dembele at Barcelona - most of the time has to be either at the medical table or getting fit after an injury. His case resembles the case of Vermaelen who was brilliant when available but struggled to make himself available. On that backdrop, Should Barcelona keep believing in Dembele?

Dembele was a Marquee Signing following Neymar's exit

Barcelona signed Dembele following the departure of Neymar from the club at a record value of 140 Million. Many discussions have taken place already regarding his value and whether he was worth 140 Million. In the end, the fact of the matter is this simple. Barcelona overpaying for Dembele is, not the player's fault. We paid that kind of fee without any thinking (a trademark of Bartomeu transfers) as the Board was under pressure.

It is safe to say that Barcelona's shock at Neymar exit and inability to sign Coutinho, forced the Board to sign Dembele at an exorbitant price. The price was not the value of the player, it was kind of an escape route for the Board from the pressure exerted by the fans. And as usual, because of the price tag, everyone expected him to perform miracle the moment he touched his feet on Camp Nou. That never happened!

Barcelona needs to Re-Evaluate Demebele's Value!

Maybe it's time for Barcelona to seriously think about Dembele as an option going forward. Will he be available to lead the attack at any point in time. His continuous injury saga makes him unavailable for the majority of the season. And returning from injury, he usually needs some time to settle in. But by that time he goes back to the medical table.

His latest injury is a cause of serious worry. The Doctor who operated him, Lasse Lempeinen has emphasized the seriousness of this injury and the care needed to make sure he doesn't have a relapse. That means we cannot rush him back from injury.

This put a lot of pressure on the Barcelona Medical team which needs to manage his recovery very carefully, something they failed to do many times in recent times. If he returns back in full fitness, there is no denial that he is an interesting prospect for the future. But these kinds of injuries keeps coming back to haunt players from time and again.

Looking at Demebele's work rate, he never shows that kind of dedication to keep his fitness intact and prevent a relapse of this again. This injury will come back again for sure in the future. In that backdrop should Barcelona try to sell him in the summer?

Will Barcelona be able to get a Proper Value for Player?

For all the Dembele fans who are angry at me for asking this, relax! Our Board will never able to sell him. That's for sure! First of all, our Board will never be able to assess his value in a transfer window. We will try to recover the cos on him, no one is foolish to pay those exorbitant sums for him now.

The biggest worry for Barcelona is that even if they try to sell him, there could be no takers. Forget the 140 Million we paid, Barcelona will be lucky enough even if we get 30 Million for the player. But then our Board will never be able to grasp that fact. So they will value his at 70-90 Million, which no one will be ready to pay.

So all those Dembele fans, relax! He is going to stay for at least one more year. But Barcelona Board should sign a replacement for him, assuming that next season also he could miss a large chunk of the season. If he manages to solve his fitness issue, Barcelona will be in a good position. If it doesn't, we already would have the backup.

For the Time being, Barcelona is stuck with the Frenchman, Ousmane Dembele.

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