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Feb 18, 2020

The curious aspect in the Club's statement is the absence of defemation case threat. Instead what is there is a hint that the Club may take legal position if the information is not rectified.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Barcelona's response to the revelations made by SER Catalunya. And last night, Barcelona put out a detailed statement as a response to the story which has shocked the entire club setup. As expected, the Club denied any involvement as accused by SER Catalunya.

The entire story has even drowned the other big story of the day - Messi winning the Laureus Award. Normally it would have been the headline of every news outlet, but for the time being the Crisis at Club dominates.

FC Barcelona statement

FC Barcelona roundly deny any relationship, and furthermore, the contracting of services linked to social media accounts that have broadcast negative or disparaging messages With regards to information published today about the contracting of a company dedicated to creating opinion on social media with a view to damaging the image

Barcelona's statement raises more questions than answers. What we have learned so far from Barcelona's statement? One thing is clear that I3 Ventures was hired by the club to manage the reputation of the Club, Management and players. So they say. But at least it is clear they were hired to manage the image of the current board. The big question is - why we even want to do this?

Why Hasn't I3 Ventures not made a Statement So far?

The statement denies any link of I3 Ventures with the social media accounts in question. These social media accounts were used to attack our players, Club Lenegnds and Current Management opponents. The problem here is that I3 Ventures have refused to make a statement so far. Isn't it better them saying this than our club?

How did the club conclude that I3 Ventures have no connection with these social media accounts? If they indeed didn't, Why hasn't I3 Ventures made a statement regarding this so far? We are all eagerly waiting for a statement from I3 Ventures. Is their more to come out of the closet?

If I3 Ventures is Found Guilty, then the Entire Board Should Go!

Barcelona has promised to act strictly if any link-up between I3 Venture and the alleged social media accounts comes up at any stage. But then the club doesn't have to take any action, the entire Board needs to resign and should be exiled from the Club. If I3 Ventures is found guilty, then the Board is also guilty not to have done the background verification before onboarding them.

At this point, everything remains pretty opaque. More information is expected to come out in the coming days. Will it throw the Club into further Chaos? And the latest news is that I3 Ventures site is deactivated. Now that smells definitely fishy. If everything was alright, this would never have happened!

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