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Feb 17, 2020

This latest revelations by SER Catalunya Radio Channel could endanger the current Board's future. Will Bartomeu be able to whether the Storm?

If the current state of crisis surrounding the club wasn't enough, the club was thrown into more chaos by the revelations from SER Catalunya. The Catalunya based radio channel has made a stunning revelation which could jeopardize Bartomeu's career as Club President.

It is alleged in the story that Bartomeu has hired Company I3 Ventures to improve the image of the Board in social media. That is not a huge problem, every organization does the same. But what has thrown the club into a tailspin is the other revelation in the story.

Did Bartomeu Targetted Current Players and Club Legends?

The other revelation from the story accuses the Board of hiring the same agency to target some of the current players and also the Club legends. If the story is to be believed Lionel Messi, Xavi, Pique, Puyol and Pep Guardiola all were targetted by the agency at the behest of the Board.

They are also accused of targetting all potential rivals of Bartomeu. The likes of Laporta, Victor Font, Benedito, Roures, etc. all are supposed to have been targetted by the agency.

Even though the alleged mastermind behind the attack, Jaume Masferrer has denied any role in hiring the agency nor Barcelona hiring the same, it may not be enough. Barcelona Board will struggle big time to contain this crisis. The fact that Messi and his wife were targetted could force Messi handing a transfer request! That will be the death spell for the Board.

We need to see how this story develops! This may be pure speculation, but this story finally explains why we were facing so many people defending Valverde and Bartomeu on social media!

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