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Jan 30, 2020

Reading between the lines on Setién's comment about Barcelona search for a striker, it is clear that the Manager have very little confidence on the club pulling this off.

Barcelona's pursuit for a striker is turning to be a big joke in footballing circles, as usual. Gone are those days, when Barcelona goes and gets things done. Now under this management, we make a huge amount of noise and get done absolutely nothing.

Under Laporta, we used to get to know of signings when the club is almost sure of on-boarding the player. Nowadays, I guess we don't do things like that. Even before our Sporting Director is thinking, the reports are leaked to the Catalan media, who plays it up, drives the cost up and technology makes it difficult to get stuff done.

Barcelona Management Proves once Again their Incompetency

One cannot blame the media circus alone for making things complicated. The management's attitude is a big worry. They don't understand the need to plan early and move into the market decisively. They themselves are clueless about what are their objectives with each circus they create.

How can we all forget the 'Great Neymar Circus' that unfolded in the last summer? The club never had any strategy of how to get things done. They have a huge wishlist. Such an attitude is fine if you are a fan, but when you are the guy who needs to get things done - you need to know how to achieve that.

They don't anticipate anything. They simply react, and every reaction appears like a last throw of the dice. The Saurez injury episode itself is a classic example. The doctor would have informed the management about a possible lengthy layoff due to this surgery beforehand. But the club did nothing. And once it was confirmed that the player will not be available for four months, the club took weeks to even decide that they need to sign a replacement.

The chances of Barcelona Signing Striker appears very Bleak

The latest episode of the same, the backup signing for Luis Saurez is proceeding in the same fashion. The Rodrigo deal has collapsed. Ben Yedder is not coming after Monaco Coach confirmed that around 200 Million will be enough for the signing. Now everyone who can put their boots on is getting linked with the club.

The best Joke about Barcelona's attempt at signing players came from this twitter account. This may be how our management is attempting to sign players now. ;-)

Even Setién appears to have lost hope in the club making any signing. In his latest press conference, he was vocal about the striker signing.

It would be nice if we signed a striker. I am happy with my players, although it would be good if some players arrived, they would be welcome to join.Quique Setién

On the face of it, this comment seems a standard one. But reading between the line, it shows his doubt about the club getting things done. Remember, the moment he came in he sounded out for a striker signing. Till that point, Barcelona was in two minds whether to go for a striker or not. The fact that Barcelona started pursuing a signing is a testimony of Setién's which for one.

Now having seen how things are happening, the coach has gone to his backup options. It appears he had resided to the fact that he needs to work with the current crop available to him. Once again the management is failing the club, the coach and fans here. The management is worried about a repeat of the Boateng episode. It appears that they are driven by fear, not by their understanding. They can't even understand that the situation is different from the time we signed Boateng. Right now we need one urgent signing who can play as Number #9.

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