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Jan 16, 2020

Everyone is watching how Quique Setién will be handling the prospects coming out of La Masia and Barca B. And there is always the issue of Arturo Vidal popping up at any time.

Vidal and La Masia under Setién, How will He Handle them?

Quique Setién arrival has been quiet to surprise for many including the fans and the Coach himself. That hasn't restricted Setién from making changes the way the club is run and also making critical sporting decisions. He already has made changes to Barcelona's training schedule to suit his likings.

The first casualty was the day off given to the players, and it was nice to see the players respond in a positive way to that. Everyone will be watching to see how Messi and Company react to these changes to their normal training schedule.

It is essential for Setién to have his players buy-out to his philosophy as early as possible. If they struggle to understand what he wants them to do on the pitch, his tenure could go downhill pretty soon. Despite being the leader of La Liga and qualified for the next round in Champions League, Setién has little room to play with. Any negative results will be immediately played up by everyone.

In that aspect it was heart welcoming to see he adding another training session on Sunday morning the day before the match. This is expected to be a training session where tactical adjustments would be made and the focus also will be on that. It is essential after seeing Barcelona running likes headless chicken under Valverde.

Setién Seems to favor La Masia and Sees Vidal as a Must-Have

One of the biggest worries for many fans was the future of Vidal in Barcelona. He was expected to make a move to Inter after Valverde preferring him less and also due to the financial fight with the club regarding bonuses. The latest news emerging from the club suggests that Setién is not keen to have the midfielder move away from Barcelona at least in January. With Alena already out on loan, the coach clearly sees the necessity of keeping Arturo Vidal.

Another positive sign has been the way he has been handling Rique Puig. He immediately got him training with the first team, which means the youngster will see more action under Setién than expected. Also, the Coach has made clear that he will always look to La Masia first as he believes in the philosophy. That should energize youngsters!

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