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Jan 13, 2020

When it comes to being incompetent, this Barcelona Board trumps themselves every time with a better job. The latest episode is with the handling of Luis Saurez's injury layoff.

Absolutely Crazy!! Barca Decides not to Sign Saurez Replacement! #FCBarcelona #Barca

As if the already escalating list of worries weren't enough, Barcelona were handed a new thing to worry about following Luis Saurez's knee surgery. The latest reports suggest that the striker could be off action for almost four months. That's a huge deviation from the earlier one-month expected layoff.

This practically rules himself out of action for the rest of the seasoon. With age not being at his side, maybe he has seen his last actions at Barcelona as a regular first eleven player.

Barcelona Surprisingly Decided not to Sign a Replacement

Despite their incompetence and proven track record of poor signings like Boateng, everyone expected the club to go to the winter transfer market and sign someone who could be some kind of back up for the lone No.9 in the squad. But this Board outshines themselves every time with every step they take. It is now confirmed that the Club sees no necessity for signing someone as a back up in January.

It's absolutely logical, the Club never sees winning trophies as a necessity, so it's natural not to sign anyone as Saurez replacement. January signing is often tricky and there is not much talent to choose from. But not to even attempt is criminal. But that comes naturally to Bartomeu.

Club feels that wingers like Ansu Fati and Carles Perez are the apt replacement to handle this, with Dembele anyways injured. We could only hope that Griezmann steps up his role as No.9 following the absence of Luis Saurez. But what will we do if Griezmann gets injured for some crucial matches. But then Fret Not, we are here just to participate not to win.

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