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Jan 27, 2020

Arthur's future at Barcelona is under a serious cloud after he was part of two disappointing results under Quique Setién. The latest news coming out of various Barcelona outlets suggests that the coach doesn't see him as an essential part of his plans.

3 Reasons Why Arthur will be Sold by Barcelona in the Summer? #Barca #FCBarcelona #Arthur

Quique Setién, the Barcelona Coach is planning for major haul in the summer. He has been very vocal about his displeasure about the way Barcelona played in the last two matches. Unlike Valverde, he is not someone who makes the usual statement - 'Everything is Good'. He calls it the way he sees.

The displeasure was quite evident with every word he spoke after the match. He indirectly pointed fingers at certain players, even though the media got it wrong by pointing to De Jong. It was quite evident from the first substitution he made, Vidal for Arthur. The Brazilian midfielder was touted as the great successor to both Xavi and Iniesta. Unfortunately have failed to live up to any of those expectations.

The latest rumors suggests that Artur could be on his way out of Barcelona this summer. That would be quite a disaster for someone who was expected to control Barcelona midfield for the time to come. There are certainly major issues that are preventing him from establishing as a sure starter. With the package we are paying him, it doesn't make any sense to him being a substitute.

1. Frankie De Jong is a Better Choice than Arthur

Arthur was the most talented of Barcelona midfielder's till De Jong arrived at Barcelona. The moment De Jong started playing, everyone realized that we could be seeing a true heir to Xavi. It may not exactly similar to Xavi, but he can control the midfield and also can be effective going forward.

The early expectations were that Arthur and De Jong along with Busquets would form the strongest midfield possible. But there was a slight problem, even though it looked great on paper, it never materialized to be that kind of threat. Every time De Jong and Arthur played the midfield appears to become too placid.

2. Arthur doesn't fit into the Way Setién wants Barca to Play

This is one of the major reasons why he will be sold in the summer. If Setién remains Barcelona coach in the summer (which in all probability will be happening), Arthur doesn't have any future. Setién has already understood from the matches against Ibiza and Valencia that Arthur does not fit his plans. His comments on mindless passing were targeted at majorly one guy, the Brazilian Arthur.

Setién only needs one controller in midfield and it is clear that it will be Frankie De Jong. The other midfielder should have an essential trait, link up with the false-9 and move into the box creating space and opportunity when Messi drags defense deep. Vidal on his introduction did that. This is essential to Setién's Barcelona, and Arthur is not fit to do that.

3. Setién and Barca is worried about Arthur's nonchalant attitude

The biggest worry for the coach and the club is Arthur's attitude and generic interest. It is better not to speak about his recent layoff! But even after returning, under a new manager, he is not being too serious. This is from a person who was frozen out of the team by Valverde. Normally we expect those players who were sidelined to be back with quite a vigor under a new manager. It's their pride to prove their value. Look at what Vidal is doing!

Biu it appears Artur could care less. He is continuing the same way. Valencia match was a demonstration in itself. Forget his lack of understanding of the gameplay. His disinterest, in general, was criminal. He was too slow to balls, if he needs to stretch a bit to reach for the ball he gave up, careless mistakes were aplenty. It was a trailer in itself of why we shouldn't select him.

Arthur is a great midfielder with amazing skills. Unless he mends his way and put serious effort into being the best, he will simply fade away. He is very close to becoming one of the worst investments Barcelona did in recent times. He only could change that!

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