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Jul 30, 2019

Barcelona is struggling to raise fund for the acquisition of Neymar. Selling of star players is an option, but then the targetted players themselves are not in line!

Barcelona Looking to Sell Star Players to Fund 150 Million Bid for Neymar

Barcelona transfer pursuit of Neymar has taken strange twits - not sure for Better or Worse. It is being reported from France that PSG has lowered its expectation from 300 Million to 180 Million. Now in the normal sense that would be a good price target for Barcelona. That target falls in Barcelona's initial assessment of 100 Million plus a couple of players.

Hold On! Don't jump the gun. While reducing the target, PSG management has made clear that they want a cash-only deal and no players included. And to make matters worse, they want the entire cash up front and not in installments. Now with all these, Will Neymar make it back to Barcelona?

Jun 30, 2019

Barcelona will be looking to shrug off the choker tag in Champions League this season. Will Neymar's arrival do the Trick?

Will Neymar's Arrival makes Barcelona the Favourite for Champions League?

Neymar's arrival is more or less certain, it's just a matter of 'When' now! All the news surrounding him suggest that all stakeholders have agreed in principle for his return and it's just the finer details that need to be settled. Neymar's parent's are rumoured to have already started house hunting in Barcelona.

That news more or less confirms the certainty of the deal. The club management and players have earlier itself stated that they will welcome him back with open arms. The sanction of the deal happened the moment Messi made it known to the public that he, Neymar and Saurez have a private WhatsApp group and all keep in touch on a regular basis.

May 28, 2019

Massimiliano Allegri, the Juventus coach is rumoured to be shortlisted as the next Barcelona coach. But it seems there are reservations among major players.

Valverde's future at Barcelona has been one of the hottest topics around Barcelona. After disappointing exits from Champions League and Copa del Rey, there is a huge cry for Valverde's sacking. The fans need him to be removed as early as possible, but the players and management have so far backed him.

But after the Copa del Rey final defeat against Valencia, it has become very difficult for the Board to defend his performance. Still, they are backing him and may go down together with him.

May 24, 2019

Is the deal for Matthijs de Ligt is one the verge of Collapse. Insider reports suggest the chances of not happening is more as of now!

A couple of days before we were more or less certain about Matthijs de Ligt's arrival to Barcelona. Now if we are going by the latest news emerging, the entire move could be on the verge of collapse following unreasonable demands from the player and agent.

May 22, 2019

There were reports earlier on how Barcelona and Messi are very much interested in bringing the Frenchman to the Club. Is the recent statement from MBappe, a sign of the coming move?

With the season coming to an end we will be soon officially into the transfer season. And as expected a lot of news will trickle out as genuine transfer moves. To weed out the genuine news among these would be a herculean task in itself.

When I heard this for the first time, this rumour felt too good to be true. But when I looked deep in, then it felt a genuine move. Will this happen this summer?

May 15, 2019

Barcelona may have got the prized catch which they were after for some time. Atletico Madrid striker, Antone Griezman is all set to sign for Barcelona soon at a staggering price of 125 Million Euros. Last Summer, Griezmann signed a five year deal with Atletico Madrid with a release clause of 125 Million Euros.

There were speculations then only, why he could join Barcelona next season and the contract extension was done to make sure that Atletico Madrid receives a fair price for the faith they had in him. Barcelona is expected to trigger the release clause.

May 8, 2019

Following the humiliating defeat at Anfield, there have to be some serious changes coming at Barcelona. The most important has to be the signing of players who could actually make a difference and provide Messi some respite at Barcelona. When Coutinho was signed it was done with that intention. But it never materialized!

There is a number of changes coming to Barcelona after this defeat. The future of Valverde is in serious question and now it needs to be seen who takes the reins. He cannot simply continue at the top now after spectacularly managing to destroy Barca's two title chances.

Jan 2, 2018

FC Barcelona will approach Liverpool with another attempt to sign Coutinho in the Winter Transfer window

The ongoing saga surrounding Barcelona's pursuit of Philippe Coutinho looks set to rumble on, with the latest developments taking a rather odd turn. New Year's Eve sent Liverpool fans into meltdown as sportswear giants Nike, who manufacture Barca's kits, advertised club shirts with Coutinho's name on the back, despite the fact that no deal has been agreed.

Coutinho was the subject of numerous bids by Barcelona last summer and he has been strongly linked with a move to Nou Camp in January.

Jul 1, 2014

  • Rumours have become strong about the impending transfer of Luis Saurez to FC Barcelona.
  • FC Barcelona is rumoured to have come to an agreement with the Striker for signing a 5 year Deal.

Finally Luis Suárez issued the much awaited apology for the disgraceful biting incident; it came after a lot of denial, strange excuses and may be even fooling the entire nation to stand behind him. For those who watched the incident (even in real time) there was no doubt about what happened on the night when Uruguay dumped Italy out of the World Cup; unless you were an Uruguayan! It was quite a disgraceful incident and the history of the player suggests that he is a walking danger to fellow players on the pitch. One could argue that his early struggles in his life are the reason for such a volatile character; but for the assaulted player that is not any reason for comfort. The inside story about the sudden U-Turn by the player may have a FC Barcelona dimension to it. Considering just days ago even the President of his country openly supported him, the apology came a bit too early. Am not sure how his supporters should feel about this? After all they were the only one who believed his story of "Losing balance and accidently clashing his face on to Chiellini".

Jun 10, 2014

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelius

The rumours are buzzing around about a deal between Sevilla and Barca for the potential signing of Ivan Rakitic. Catalan radio station, RAC1 has broke this story and what we are made to belive is that only few details are left to close this deal. Ivan Rakitic, who have a 40 Million buyout clause would join Barca for 15 Million + another 5 Million in bonus deal. This is made possible due to a clause in Rakitic current deal with Sevilla, which lowers his buyout clause if FC Barcelona or Real Madrid comes caling for his service. Both of them had arrived, and it is reported that the midfielder chose the Catalan giants ahead of the current UEFA Champions League winner. If the reported price is correct, then it's one hell of a grab for FC Barcelona and a huge loss for Sevilla.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston Churchill

Again those damn lies! It's just don't stop wouldn't it? Then this is transfer window is all about, at least for Sport and MundoDeportivo. Yesterday they were at it again; the front page was full of stories about Marco Reus arrival to Barca. This was supposed to complete in a matter of days, or so did they say. The way it was put forward, especially the ferocity made it a believable one to many. But all those dreams have just thrashed by a clear cut statement from Borussia Dortmund. One has to question whether the way the Spanish media was building up this story forced the German club to make an official statement. Dortmund's Sporting Director Michael Zorc made it crystal clear what he thought about these rumours when popped the question :

Firstly, Marco Reus has himself said he will play next season at Dortmund. And secondly, it would be of no use to make an offer because we have no intention of letting Marco go.Michael Zorc, Borussia Dortmund Director

Jun 8, 2014

I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you. Friedrich Nietzsche

Now they say he is not going to join us! For weeks we have been bombarded with stories of how Barca have identified Aymeric Laporte as one of teh defensive reinforcements. Stories were broken about how the player and the FC Barcelona Futball club has reached personal agreement; how it's just a matter of time before we see the player wearing the renowned Barca jersey. Now they have a different take on all this. Why? Because Aymeric Laporte have renewed his contract with Atletic Bilbao, so did the club announced. Now the media pundits are saying that his arrival to Barca is not going to happen. one could ask why i never reported anything about this story. That's precisely because I never thought this will happen.

May 27, 2014

I hate to spread rumours, but what else can one do with them? Amanda Lear

That's the fun in all this! It doesn't have to make any sense, just being there will do. With the current state of affairs at Barca, anyone can create one, spread it like wild fire and almost make us believe that it's the truth. One have to admit the Catalonia based mediahouse, Sport is doing a good job at it. Let's admit it, we love them too. It's all fun to get up every morning with your club getting linked with a new star, the hope of endless possibility driving you crazy. The only problem is the usual disappointments that is associated with all this at the end of the transfer window. Barca fans have been subjected to that in the last two seasons. So it's better to take every rumour with a pinch of salt.

May 25, 2014

It’s déjà vu all over again.

With strong reports of David Luiz's impending transfer to PSG (this time from a much trustworthy news source) , Barca fans cannot help having that worse Déjà Vu feeling yet again. We have seen this earlier, isn't it! It happened last season, the season and will continue again this season, many a times. It's not a surprise any more, we have been trained to expect this and this alone for sometime. A week ago we were told that David Luiz transfer is all done and dusted. Of course the story was broken by Sport and some could argue I am a bit crazy to have believed this in first place. But once again, they were good at selling the dream and normally we couldn't stop ourselves from believing.

May 11, 2014

David Luiz to Barca

David Luiz is getting linked back again to Barca. Now that is mostly like a annually repeating deal. This time the rumours are pretty strong. Things have changed for both Barca and Luiz from last summer, which strengthens the rumour. First of all we are desperate for a defender, especially with Puyol also leaving. Second is the crucial one, Luiz is not so clear about his role at Chelsea. He has been not so regular in Mourinho's plan. For Barca Luiz would be a great signing. He is more or less in the same mold of Puyol in terms of defending. The additional advantage is his presence in opposition box something we have been lacking recently. This story is still developing, so watch out this space.

May 9, 2014

The transfer stories are in full flow even before the season has come to an end. If this is the state of affairs now, one could only imagine the pandemonium that could be created once the transfer windows opens. Barca's problems of the season necessiated the reinforcement of more than one position. Since "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", new and fresh rumours get invented every day. One of the problems of having a great season, especially for an underdog is that you get to lose the best players you have got. Most probably that could be what Atletico could be facing this transfer window. Something they won't complain about, since they need the money from the sales very badly.

Jul 30, 2013

It's still early days in Tata Martino's managerial episode at Barca. Yesterday he over saw his first practice session including most of the Barca players. It was clear from past experience that he would be interested in to hear from players. It's expected that the coach will have one on one meeting with all players; even Dos Santos has put his transfer talk on hold till that completes. There were early expectation that Martino will bring Santiago Vergini as a center choice back up along with him. Now it seems it may not happen like that. Martino has clarified to the management that Santiago Vergini is only his emergency option and the club will be free to sign any defender. If the club fails then he may look up to the Argentinie to fill up the position. This development may have taken place after he had a detailed discussion with Zubi about the progress of different transfer options available to the club. In other words it could also mean that the Sporting Director is confident of bagging David Luiz from Chelsea before the end of the transfer window.

Jun 22, 2010

June 19, 2010 - Pochefstroom, South Africa - epa02210987 Spain's national soccer team player Fernando Torres looks on during a press conference at Potchefstroom, South Africa, 19 June 2010. Spain will play their second game against Honduras on 21 June.

From the moment Sandro Rosell was elected, Fernando Torres became the primary transfer target for FC Barcelona ahead of Cesc Fabregas. This doesn't mean the club is not interested in securing the signature of Fabregas. It is rumoured that Rosell is having a great friendship with Torres and he can use recent turmoil in Liverpool to bring the former Athletico Madrid striker to Camp Nou. Many Barca fans have questioned the reasoning behind going for Torres as we have both Villa and Ibrahimovic in the team. But there is a growing belief that Ibrahimovic may make a move away from Camp Nou before the transfer market closes. But still signing Torres could have it's pros and cons.

Oct 12, 2009 reported a story which featured in Daily Mirror about a possible exchange deal involving Kompany and Robinho for Yaya Toure and Puyol. This definitely has to be a joke or an imagination of some disturbed mind. Howelse you can explain the exchange of one of the best defensive midfielder and defender for two players who are struggling to find a regular place in the Manchester City side. But there could be some deal involving Yaya or Puyol in next summer. For some insane reason I have always felt that Guardiola rarely appreciate the value of Yaya Toure. Maybe he does not think him to be a good player, but for me he is the best defensive midfielder along with Essien in the business. o I won't be too much surprised to see him leave in the summer, even though I will be really shattered. He is the best assurance our attack needs in the midfield. In the case of Puyol, Barca management has given him an ultimatum to complete the contract negotiation as soon as possible. Puyol's agent alleges that Puyol is not happy with his role in the side but I don't think Barca will let him go. Especially a new president will have a tough time expaining the departure of a player who has become the symbol of Barca around the world. On top of it, Puyol is a wonderful defender. He may not be the most tecnically brilliant defender in the world, but he one of the most effective. And the spirit he brings to this side cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Jun 2, 2008

Dos Santos Moving to Totenham for 8 has broken a story of Barcelona accepting Totenham's bid for the talented Mexican - Giovani Dos Santos. It is reported that Barcelona will receive 8 million Euros from the sale of this wonderful kid. From the beginning of the transfer window, there were lots of rumours of Gio not being in the plans of Guardiola and would be moving on. As a Barcelona fan it saddens me to see one of the Gem from the Barcelona youth system being discarded like this by the club. He has been singled out by Barcelona fans for some rough treatment and the management seems to have overcome by the fan feelings rather than wisdom. I am pretty sure that this kid is going to make Barcelona pay for this stupidity. Juande Ramos, the Totenham Manger however has a different opinion to Barcelona management. He was keen to sign the kid from the moment the news broke out that he may not be in the plans of Guardiola. Giovani is currently recovering from the ankle operation he had in May.

Barcelona is very much interested in strengthening their defense. Inter Milan's Chivu has been linked many times, but now there are claims from his agent that Chivu would be moving to Barcelona for 20 million Euros. Mourinho's arrival in Inter means there would be a huge amount of players who is going to be off loaded; Chivu could be one of them, anothe one could be Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It is certain that Mourinho will bring Drogba from Chelsea and he would be the No.1 striker also. This has unsettled Ibrahmovic and he looks like keen to move to Barcelona. For all the initial link ups with strikers like Benezema; Ibrahmovic looks the only possible signing in the striker role this summer. Any way signing Benezema would be difficult as Manchester United is reportedly interested in him.

Another player Barcelona would be trying to sign is Martin Caceres. Barcelona's initial offer for the Uruguayan central defender was rejected by Villareal. But with A C Milan signing Zambrotta, Barcelona might be going all out for Dani Alves. In the midst of all the stories emerging, one has to wonder why there is no link up with any attacking midfielders - who could replace Ronaldinho and Deco. Deco and Ronaldinho were reportedly keen to move away from Barcelona, but now the scene looks like they might stay back.

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