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Jul 30, 2019

Barcelona is struggling to raise fund for the acquisition of Neymar. Selling of star players is an option, but then the targetted players themselves are not in line!

Barcelona Looking to Sell Star Players to Fund 150 Million Bid for Neymar

Barcelona transfer pursuit of Neymar has taken strange twits - not sure for Better or Worse. It is being reported from France that PSG has lowered its expectation from 300 Million to 180 Million. Now in the normal sense that would be a good price target for Barcelona. That target falls in Barcelona's initial assessment of 100 Million plus a couple of players.

Hold On! Don't jump the gun. While reducing the target, PSG management has made clear that they want a cash-only deal and no players included. And to make matters worse, they want the entire cash up front and not in installments. Now with all these, Will Neymar make it back to Barcelona?

The 180 Million is quite a big target for Barcelona at the moment. They are struggling with raising the fund. Their hopes were to have some players, especially Coutinho included in the deal. But that concept in itself was a no-brainer from start as Coutinho never shown any interest to go to France.

Now with PSG looking for a cash-only deal, Barcelona would be looking to settle a deal for 150 Million around, despite PSG's asking price of 180 Million. Barcelona now urgently have to sell a couple of stars to not only fund Neymar transfer but also for wage balancing.

Coutinho's sale is expected to fetch the majority of the amount of Neymar transfer. Considering Coutinho's struggles, the fans won't care much if the Club sells him. Rakitic and Malcolm are the other two who will be sold to make way for Neymar.

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