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Jul 11, 2019

It's just a matter of days before the French Striker joins Barcelona, and the latest information confimrs it to be done by Saturday

Antoine Griezmann to Complete Signing with Barcelona by Saturday?

Antoine Griezmann signing is becoming a reality by every passing day. The latest information emerging is that the signing would be completed by the end of this week. There has been a lot of rumors regarding this, but looking at what's happening around Barcelona and the French star, this seems pretty authentic.

Griezmann made his intention clear by not joining Atletico Madrid squad for pre-season training. It was clear that the Frenchman is not going to return to Madrid. Now it needs to see how Atletico Madrid will react. They will definitely lodge a complaint against Barcelona for poaching their player. But Barcelona may not be that much worried about that!

Barcelona arranging the Payout Clause Money for Griezmann!

What we learned today is Barcelona is scrambling high time to arrange the 120 Million payment from banks for Griezmann to payout the release clause. Atletico Madrid is making life difficult by insisting on a single payment without any installment. That means Griezmann has to turn up at League office with 120 Million payment in one go.

Things are not that easy, anyhow! Barcelona could only organize 96 Million of credit line for Griezmann as anything more than that we have to go to General Assembly. That means Bartomeu and his rich friends have to stand guarantee and organize the rest as early as possible. This should not be a huge problem for a club of our size, but still we should be careful of the legal entangles it could bring forth.

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