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May 22, 2019

There were reports earlier on how Barcelona and Messi are very much interested in bringing the Frenchman to the Club. Is the recent statement from MBappe, a sign of the coming move?

With the season coming to an end we will be soon officially into the transfer season. And as expected a lot of news will trickle out as genuine transfer moves. To weed out the genuine news among these would be a herculean task in itself.

When I heard this for the first time, this rumour felt too good to be true. But when I looked deep in, then it felt a genuine move. Will this happen this summer?

Will Barcelona fight it Out with Real Madrid for MBappe

If there is a team which has consistently linked with MBappe, it has to be Real Madrid. Even though he was supposed to remain in PSG for one more season, his final destination has always been rumoured as Real Madrid. The Zidane factor is a huge plus for Real Madrid. MBappe in the recent PSG event hinted that he may not wait for one more year at PSG.

Barcelona were nowhere in the picture until MBappe's recent statement on Messi. He showered huge praise on Lionel Messi and declared him as the sure shot winner of Balon d'Or this season.

The favourite [for the Ballon d’Or] is Messi, The elimination in Champions does not change anything, he is the number one in everything,He has shown this year that he is the best player and although the year goes until December, I’m not worried about him, he’s going to play until December.MBappe

May be we are reading too much into it. It may be a genuine opinion. But everyone who knows how things work in Footballing World, clearly knows that if you are looking for a move to Real Madrid, then you don't say these. Especially these kinds of words.

There were rumors earlier about how Messi was interested in having the French play alongside him. Now another news has emerged this time from MBappe's manager about how keen was Mbappe in playing alongside Messi and he was offered to Barcelona last summer.

This could be a ploy by the agent to jack up his price. Or is MBappe really pushing for a move to Barcelona?

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