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May 12, 2019

All the indication coming out of Barcelona points to the possibility of Valverde continuing at helm at Barcelona, at least for one more year.

Ernesto Valverde has been receiving a fair share of stick from Barcelona fans, esepcially in the social media. The immediate reaction after the 4-0 at Anfield was a war cry to sack him. But situations have subsided now heavily and there seems to be a bit of calm in the club despite the social media going bunkers still!

There is a lot of people who believe that he will be fired by the club at the end of the season. But their wishes may not be granted and here is the reason why Valverde could remain as the manager, come next season.

Valverde Appears to Have the Board's Backing

Ernesto Valverde has made his first statement after the loss of Anfield, and it shows his confidence in having Bartomeu and Company watch his back.

I feel strong, I’m good. I want to take the next step, I won’t hide behind a rock. I’ve spoken to the president and he has always made me feel supported. After a blow like that, everything wobbles, we know what this show is like, if something like this happens you have to break and burn it all, but then you have to put it all back in its place.Ernesto Valverde

His statement clearly indicates that he has got assurances from the Management of continuing at Barcelona. Those who expect him to be sacked at end of the season, would feel royally screwed at the end of the season. If Barcelona wins the Copa on 25th, then suddenly he once again is that manager who has won the domestic double for the second season in running. And there is another record of most consecutive Copa victories.

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For the board, there is a matter of pride which is involved. Valverde was this board's choice and sacking him could be an admission that they may not have made the right choice. Another problem is the availability of a top coach who will fit into the club. That may come up with some cost and risk, and they may don't want to take it. After all, Messi may win you another league and that will keep the Catalan club fans happy. The others never mattered for Board.

Players could be Made Scapegoat, not the Coach

It appears the scapegoats are being already prepared. Rakitic and Coutinho will be sent packing this summer, and that should ease the pressure off Valverde. At least that appears to be the Board's calculation going into the end of the season.

The players also like to have Valverde in command, which gives them a lot of leverage. That is very clear from the fact that not a single player has spoken against him after the debacle. Just imagine what would have been the player's reaction had these debacles came under Luis Enrique?

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