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May 31, 2019

Gerard Pique has been the corner stone of Barcelona's defense for some time. But is his presence actually destabilizing Barcelona? Should Barcelona look past him?

Gerard Pique has been the cornerstone of Barcelona's defense for some time. His performance in most of the matches this season showed how important he is to the team. Maybe we have lost the count of the number of times Pique has saved us with that last minute tackle or the crucial interventions.

Pique is the closest we have as a leader in the pack. Messi might be the captain, but Pique is the one players look up to in times of a crisis. And that's been his problem also, in the spectacular debacles of recent times, Pique remained a mere spectator. Is it time to seek a replacement for him? In this artcile, I will detail the reasons why Barcelona should look to replace Pique.

Lack of Effective Leadership

Even though Messi is the Captain of the team, everyone expected Pique to deputize him terms of inspiring the team on the pitch. As the senior most member in the defense, he was supposed to inspire the defense in the most important matches. But he simply failed.

He couldn't rally his defense in the matches against Liverpool and Valencia. The result of that was disastrous for Barcelona. He lacked leadership at the crucial moment of the season. This was the reason why I wrote earlier that de Ligt transfer is a Must for Barcelona.

Unfortunately that transfer is running into trouble. One of the reason is the presence of Pique and Umtiti in the squad. It is rumored that Pique is not in favor of the Dutch player signing as he fears for his position. Barcelona is trying to sell Umtiti to get De Ligt and balance the dressing room.

Barcelona could be doing a big mistake by selling Umtiti! They should instead Pique and replace him with De Ligt. De Ligt, even at the age of 19 is a much better leader of the pack and a much better defender. He could be molded into the next Puyol. If he allows him to go to some other club, then we could be in serious trouble.

Pique is Playing Politics in Dressing Room

It's not only De Ligt's transfer which Pique is trying to torpedo but also Griezmann. It is an open secret that Pique is the one who is forcing the management to block the incoming transfer of Griezmann. The latest reports are that even the Frenchman is getting irritated by Pique's stand.

If Griezmann arrives, then there could be open fissures in the dressing room. Barcelona management has to rethink its strategy and priority. Pique is at the end of his career, whereas Griezmann is at his peak and is someone we actually need. The management cannot let one player dictate the dressing room equations.

Pique has always spoke about his dream to be the President of the club. If he has a wish like that, let him retire and contest the elections. he cannot play politics while playing for the team.

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