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Mar 4, 2020

It appears many players are being worried about their future and getting increasingly convinced about their future. Some feel they will be killing their career continuing in Barcelona.

It seems the loss at the Santiago Bernabeu has created more chaos at Barcelona Football club. And many news outlets have been profiting big time from the crisis at Barcelona. News is pouring out daily of everyone against everyone. It's so difficult to filter out the fake ones from the not-so fake ones.

Even if only a fraction of these are true, one can easily understand that there is a division within the squad, especially with the Veterans on the squad and the young ones. The young ones are worried about their future whereas many of the veterans are worried about their resent.

Ter Stegan and De Jong are Upset on State of Affairs

The latest rumors regarding Terg Stegan is quite worrying for Barcelona fans. Barcelona's star stopper is kind of disillusioned about his future at Barcelona. He does not like the way the Club is managed on the field and off the field. He is very much worried about the lack of intensity in training.

He joins the Dutch midfielder, De Jong in expressing his worries about how Barcelona prepares for the game. It's not clear whether the players feel things have changed under Setién. It was very clear earlier that these two players were upset by the way Valverde was managing the circus. de Jong is reported to have employed a personal trainer to keep him in shape. But his recent form indicates a dip despite that!

Even if Ter Stegan hints at leaving the club, there could be a revolt among fans. Everyone recognizes that he is the second-best player in the squad and one player who always proves his worth!

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