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Mar 31, 2020

Once again Bartomeu's horrible attempt to destroy Messi's cridibility fall flat on its face. Messi destroyed the management and they have no place to hide!

Every opportunity, it appears for the Board is a hail-mary opportunity to defame Lionel Messi in front of the whole world; and they are not ready to let go of any! So for the last few days, when the majority of the world was busy fighting the Corona scare, Bartomeu and his boys were out in open (through their media stooges) trying to defame the players.

The captain was their prime target! And all those Ronaldo fan-boys and the Messi-haters latched on to purposeful leaked done by the Board to defame Lionel Messi. Lest they forgot, they were dealing with a different Messi. 'A Messi who treats Instagram as a Sword'. And outcome the next Messi Instagram post and all his haters have been put to shame. That includes the current Board!

For the last few days, the kind of attack that was leveled against the Players, especially Messi shows that it was an organized effort. Once again, as a person who rarely speaks out in public, the Board forced Messi once again to defend the integrity of his and his players. I guess the best explanation of it came from Sid Lowe:

It is very difficult not to imagine Lionel Messi lining up to take a free-kick, and smashed it to the top of the net. But only instead of the ball, it's Bartomeu who he booted!
Sid Lowe

Messi made sure to point out the backstabbing by the Board in the post explaining the decision about the 70% pay cut. The players and himself trumped them by announcing that they will not only take a 70% pay cut but also contribute on top of that so that the entire non-footballing staff of Barcelona doesn't have to suffer. That was the kind of blow, Bartomeu never anticipated to receive!

Let's be clear. This was the kind of knock-out punch which may be Muhammed Ali at his peak managed to deliver. With a single post, he took out the entire Board and elevated the Player's statue above the Club and the Board. Bartomeu and Co. cannot recover from this hiding. And it's been delivered in a 'Mes Que un Club' fashion by the little Messi-ah.

The media was quick to grab on to it and take it to the next level. And it had to be. Like I wrote in my last post, the players knew clearly that they have to do their bit to support the club. The club management's initial ask of 70% looked so huge and it appears the higher earners were worried most about the lower-earning players and was trying to negotiate. But the Club tried to play politics by leaking the information to media and then not taking any effort to clarify the situation.

Let's remember only a few clubs around Europe have agreed to take pay-cuts and none of them it appears have taken a cut to this extend. Not only that the Players have taken a pay cut but are now guaranteeing the salaries of hundreds of staff at the club. The media across the Globe has been appreciative of what the Captain and the players did. So even describe him as 'Che of Barca'.

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