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Apr 2, 2020

The constant veiled attack on Lionel Messi via Batromeu stooges suggest a complete breakdown of relationship between the President and the Captain. Is he trying to force Lionel Messi out of Barcelona.

The fight right now is between 'The President' and 'The Captain, and it seems Bartomeu has got the memo. His hurried statement following Lionel Messi's mindblowing Instagram post, suggest that. More worryingly it is now clear that there is an ongoing pitch battle between the Barcelona Board and the Players. Whichever way it ends, Barcelona could suffer heavily here!

The constant wielded attacks, the targetted campaigns which were exposed by 'BarcaGate' reveals a targetted campaign against players, especially the Captain. But what is Bartomeu's ulterior motive here? At this moment it appears to get Lionel Messi to leave the Club. It's all about power struggle; Bartomeu realizes that with Messi around he will never have absolute power!

Why is Bartomeu Deliberately Waging a Losing Battle?

ESPN FC's Ale Moreno, the former Venezuelan International gave the perfect statement describing Bartomeu's vicious actions. He is never going to win the PR battle with players, especially with the Captain. But still why he is going on the same path which spells only doom for himself?

In the core of this could be a perceived lack of authority by the President. Bartomeu is no fool! He realizes that despite being the 'BOSS' at the club, he doesn't wield the kind of power which Messi has. And being a President, who technically sneaked via the background into the Presidentship, he is insecure.

If Bartomeu needs absolute power in Barcelona, then Messi needs to leave. If he manages that by the summer, and then get someone like Neymar back in, he feels he will have absolute control on everything.

He is not a fool to realize that if he sells Messi or kicks him out, he will be off the Club before he can blink. But if he can agitate and frustrate the Argentinian just enough, the Captain may opt for the free transfer in the summer and just leave. Bu Bartomeu doesn't realize that any President who does not let Messi retire at the Club, will be automatically booted out. His ego is so much that it blinds him from that reality.

Messi needs to Strike a Decisive Blow

Lionel Messi can end this war with a single statement. A statement that announces his desire to leave from the club this summer, blaming the constant attack on him by the Board spearheaded by Bartomeu. The battle ends there. The very next minute, we will have the entire Board leave or being booted out by the General Assembly.

At the end who will the fans stand with - the Captain who revitalize Barcelona and is seen as a God or a President who has put the Club to the serious downturn, even wasting a billion Euros in the transfer! The answer is plain and simple.

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