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Mar 18, 2020

UEFA has pushed the Euro Competition by an Year giving some more time to salvage this Champions League Season.

UEFA is looking at an unprecedented scenario considering the Champions League season, the prospect of canceling the whole season. In his entire history, UEFA Champions League has never been suspended, but Corno Virus may get that done. As I wrote in my last post, we are looking at the prospect of having the Champions League being played somewhere later in the season, and canceling all other domestic seasons.

UEFA's latest announcement indicates an attempt to save the Champions League season in some fashion. The finals date has been shifted from May to June, June 27th to be precise. That gives a month of extra-time. Even if the crisis ends by that time, UEFA will struggle to complete all the matches by the time of finals!

Euros and Copa America will be pushed by a Year

Earlier, the respective football bodies did postpone the Ero 2020 and Cmp America 2020 by a year. For the Euros, it won't be a big deal - the Euro 2020 will now become Euro 2021. But this year's Copa America was the Centennial anniversary of the competition and that is pushed by a year. Now the Men's Euros and Women's Euros both will be played in the same year and mostly at the same time.

The postponement of Copa and Euros give UEFA some more additional time to complete the competition. It is safe to assume that the June 27th date needs to be postponed, as the crisis will still be alive in some form at that time.

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