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Jan 21, 2020

There has been a herculean difference between how Barcelona is playing now under Quique Setién and how they were doing under the sacked Valverde. And for many that in itself is a huge impact!

It always helps to do a tactical analysis of a game a day later. First, you don't have to break your head on what to write for the day, second, if the game is good you still would be re-entertain yourself with that great performance and most importantly it gets you thinking straight as the dust has already settled.

Even after a day, the happiness of seeing Barcelona going back to their roots hasn't diminished a bit. Like Gab Marcotti said in his ESPN Podcast, it was so great to see Barcelona back.

Hello Barcelona, Glad to See You Again!

Jan 16, 2020

It's shocking to see a section of Barcelona fans, especially the Valverde Fanboys pitching for Setien's failure even before his first game. One has to wonder where their loyalties lie.

After so much wait by the majority of the fans, Ernesto Valverde's time came to end when the club sacked him unceremenously. For many, the sacking came too late for comfort. Many including myself believed he should have been sacked after the team collapsed at Anfield giving away a lead which the majority of top tier team wouldn't have.

That never happened, instead we were left to suffer under Valverde. The Valencia Cup failure, the numerous horrendous display against la Liga team at times even at Camp Nou, the horrible collapse in the Super cup, the list goes on.

Everyone is watching how Quique Setién will be handling the prospects coming out of La Masia and Barca B. And there is always the issue of Arturo Vidal popping up at any time.

Vidal and La Masia under Setién, How will He Handle them?

Quique Setién arrival has been quiet to surprise for many including the fans and the Coach himself. That hasn't restricted Setién from making changes the way the club is run and also making critical sporting decisions. He already has made changes to Barcelona's training schedule to suit his likings.

The first casualty was the day off given to the players, and it was nice to see the players respond in a positive way to that. Everyone will be watching to see how Messi and Company react to these changes to their normal training schedule.

Jan 14, 2020

FC Barcelona have sacked Valverde and appointed the former Real Betis coach Quique Setién as the head coach of the first team.

After a long and hard struggle, the Valverde era has come to a close at Barcelona. As expected, the Club announced the sacking of Ernesto Valverde on Monday evening. Customary to what is a usual practice under this management, there was a huge amount of confusion that prevailed till that point.

Valverde wasn't given any information beforehand and he took charge of the practice session on Monday only to learn late in the evening that he is officially going to be sacked. The replacement was quite a surprise. None of us ever anticipated the arrival of Quique Setién, even though everyone fondly remembers how his Real Betis out-Barcelona us at the Camp Nou a year back.

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