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Jun 30, 2020

Quique Setién's arrival at Barcelona raised a lot of hope, a hope to see once again Barcelona playing Beautiful football. Now it appears he may last a couple of more games in Barcelona!

It appears that Barcelona's managerial crisis will not end anytime soon. With results like the one we saw in the last few matches, the crisis is only going to get worse. Quique Setién at the moment appears clueless in dealing with Barcelona and it's becoming very evident with every passing day.

If reports from Spain are to be believed, he will be sacked tonight, provided Barcelona fail to beat Atletico. Going by the team's recent form and Atletico's recent form, the chances of us taking three points from this match is very much non-existent. If that happens, we can kiss goodbye to the League title (if we already haven't)!

Lack of Courage is the Biggest Enemy for Setién

There was a lot of hope among Barcelona fans like myself about a revival of the team when Quique Setién took over. After all, he was the guy who was always in love with the 'Cryuff Style' of football. And we were all proven right in the first match itself. We saw a Barcelona, that we never saw for long. But that lasted for the first few matches only.

We still don't know exactly what happened? But something drastic has happened in the dressing room. There were reports that a certain section of players was unhappy about the high intensity and effort Setién was demanding from them, and they wanted a return to old ways. They were ready for some changes, not this drastic.

We never know what happened there, but the bottom line was Setién caved in. He caved in when there was a conflict between his assistant and the main players. Failing to assert his authority, Setién's control on the team slowly faded. He never shown the courage needed to revitalize the team.

Has Setién given up on the Barcelona Dream?

If you watch carefully for the last two matches, you get a feeling that Setién himself appeared to have given up on the Barcelona dream. He appears to be simply wandering on the bench and fails to react properly when the team needs him the most. He has failed tactically in making the right substitution at the right time in the last two matches.

Unfortunately, it was not all his fault. He was handed a destroyed squad by Valverde and to make matters worse the Management never gave him any proper signing in the winter window. The squad was shouting out loud for some serious reinforcements, but Bartomeu and the party doesn't felt the need for it.

Now Setién will be the management's latest scapegoat. In the entire ordeal, they will be the only one smiling!

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