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Jun 10, 2020

Barcelona captain is all set to start against Mallorca on Saturday, after recovering from a small injury he picked up in training. He could be raring to go and could fire on all cylinders.

Lionel Messi Raring to Go

With the Spanish League all set to return in full force this weekend all the simmering problems at Barcelona have taken a backseat for the time being. Some good performances could result in these fundamental problems being hidden in the backdrop. That definitely would be what Bartomeu and the gang are hoping for!

For that to happen, they need one man in quite some form from the restart. You guessed it right, it has to be Lionel Messi. It's a no-brainer, this Barcelona team's fate has been interlinked with him for some time. It only depends on him nowadays!

Lionel Messi could be Raring to Go when the Whistle Blows!

The Corona Virus impact has been quite nasty for the entire World and also for the Footballing part of it. Most of the Leagues were forced to go into recess and a lot of footballers were personally affected by the disease. The fans across the World would have been worried about the future of the season, not as much as their lives even though!

Lionel Messi could be one of the deviations out there. For Messi, the Corona Virus break has been kind of godsend. We all suspected that he was running the show with a big injury because there was no one else to help him. He needed a long break and this summer was supposed to be quite nasty with Copa America and a grueling season ahead. Now suddenly all of that has changed.

Lionel Messi was afforded a long break to rest and restore himself in the break. That is something almost all the pundits agreed he needed for some time. He was never handed such an opportunity even in a season break. The early injury we saw is of less concern, there could be a bit of hiccup, but things should look bright from now on.

It is to be seen whether Messi raises his game than his usual following this break. That is a tough ask, as its already at an elevated level. But everyone will agree that he has taken a step back after the winter break and Barcelona has suffered due to that. Let's hope Messi is going to stun the World with another Messi-ish performance.

Barcelona Fans and Team is united behind their Captain

The Coronavirus break showed the split between the players and the management being fought in the open. Earlier the fans were divided with the majority behind their captain and a sizeable minority behind the Board. The whole circus has put an end to that division. It is safe to say that most of the fans are lining up behind their captain.

Despite Bartomeu's hopes, his days in Barcelona are numbered. The players will play for the club and fans, not at all for the management. Right now the fans and players have a common enemy - 'The Bartomeu Gang'.

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