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Jun 22, 2020

Is Barcelona management capable of understanding the actual need of the Barcelona squad. It's just a couple of signings we need, an overhaul of the current squad is the demand of the hour. Will they ever understand?

Does Barcelona have a Viable Plan to Strengthen the Squad?

Every Barcelona fans and sports pundits will vouch for one thing – Barcelona needs a lot of signing and probably in every position this summer. Whether it is in midfield or attack or defense, Barcelona needs new ideas and personalities to regain their lost luster.

Due to the struggles of this season, we have been hearing a lot of rumors related to impending marquee signing. But these noises should be discounted as mere attempts by panicked management to dampen the anger surrounding the club. At least that’s what we have been taught by the circus of last season!

Lautaro Martinez and Neymar Signing looks Impossible at the Moment

Despite the constant rumors which are being fed to us, let’s be clear on one thing. Both Neymar and Lautaro transfer aren’t going to happen this summer. The reason is very simple, we are still playing by the playbook of last season.

It appears that the Club believes that the best way to get these signings done is by putting immense pressure on the players themselves to force a transfer. That was a failed strategy from last summer. But then if you expect this management to learn anything from their mistake, you would be kidding yourselves!

The management hasn’t shown any indication of having a backup plan when these plans fail. They never realize the need for that. May be one have to question our hope on these happening.

They don’t even realize that these backup plans will help us to get the primary targets. If we can give the impression that both Neymar and Lautaro are nice to have signings but not essential, the respective clubs could come down from their skyrocket prices!

But so far, there is no indication of the Club realizing this fact. They still are re-running the same playbook from last season. I think I will end the article with this quote, that sums up everything.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Attributed to Einstein

In the midst of all these, they haven't even understood the need of finding the right players for a host of other positions!

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