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Jun 25, 2020

The management has steadily destroyed the squad with stupid transfers and non-actions. Despite that, the team had put up a good fight. Do they have enough to fight out for the title this season?

Barcelona's Squad Strength is a Worry for Everyone

As a Barcelona fan, it was difficult not to assume that the League was playing a joke with us when the announcement of 5 substitutes in a game was made. No one disagrees that it was the need of the hour! But it somehow felt the entire system and even Gods were conspiring together to make fun of us.

Most of the teams welcomed it as a balanced move, considering the epidemic attack we are facing. Fc Barcelona also welcomed, only God knows why? We were struggling to find three quality players to be substituted! What difference it will make if it is increased to five?

A Limited Squad is a Worry amid the Tight Schedule

In the winter transfer window, I wrote a piece about Barcelona's Failure in making any meaningful signing to strengthen the squad. In that, I joked about a situation where Setién may have to randomly select someone from the crowd to make up the squad. Not even in the wildest of nightmares, I believed such a situation will come to fruition. It was supposed to be a metaphor!

At the moment that metaphor has become the reality. Barcelona squad is ill-prepared the tight schedule which is being run by the League. We cannot blame the League, as they are desperately trying to complete the season before another round of Corona break hits. They are racing against time!

If the League is only racing against time, then we are up against all the stupidity which the management has done so far. Unfortunately, all of them have come to fruition at the worst time. The team has to play a match every 2-3 days. They need to travel every third day - either out of Barcelona or into Barcelona. They don't have time to rest or rejuvenating themselves.

Setién Cannot afford to rest anyone

And they have to do that with one of the worst squad strengths in the whole of Europe. The official squad length says we have 19 players. Now if we add Ansu Fati (the only youngster who could start a game), then we have 20. Out of that, we have three injuries - De Jong, Roberto, and the always injured Dembele. May be Roberto may come back soon, but the other two are out for the season! That reduces the squad strength to 17.

Barcelona Squad Length

Now here is the joke. The game is still played with 11 players and now we have five substitutes available. That means the Coach can use around 16 players every match. And we are left with seventeen first-team players. If you omit the Goalkeeper, we have exactly 16 first team players left!

Obviously, we have the youngsters available. But none of them apart from Fati is ready for making the starting line-up. They can come in between, but they cannot provide cover if we need to rest some players. This is a joke of a situation and Setién is supposed to somehow manage amid this!

In August, we will have the Champions League starting. Only God will know the state of our squad when that time comes! How many will be left to even make the squad?

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