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Jun 21, 2020

The summer re-shuffle is going to be extremely important in deciding which way Barcelona turn, not only for the next couple of years. Maybe even for the next decade.

These Two Midfielders Must be Sold b Barcelona this Summer!

There is already much anticipation about how Barcelona will react in the coming summer transfer market. The squad needs immediate reinforcement, and that too in almost all roles and positions. Apart from Messi and Ter Stegan, no one is sure to continue the next season.

It still needs to know whether this Board is good enough to make those transfers happen. So far we haven't seen anything that makes us confident of them getting things done. The usual pursuit of highly improbable targets is on, and is guaranteed to end the same way as last season!

There is no area left at Barcelona which needs immediate reinforcement. Whether it's in defense, attack or midfield, we need some fresh legs and ideas. That means the management needs to cut the loss by letting go of players and bring in fresh blood. In all honesty, the management has repeatedly proven that they are incapable;e of doing both. Let's hope this time, it's going to be different.

Arthur and Rakitic's Time at Barcelona Coming to an End

The midfield reshuffle should start with selling two of Barcelona's midfield stalwarts. Rakitic has been quite effective, but with Iniesta missing he has struggled in big matches. He is not a player who could control the tempo in the midfield. And we need someone who could do just that.

Let's be honest, he served us well. But it's just the time for him to be let go. From an economic standpoint that will release the pressure on the wage bill too. Vidal may remain but De Jong in Rakitic should be let go.

The other one who has to be sold this summer is Arthur. There are a lot of fans who still swear by his talent and they may have a point. But he hasn't done anything to justify those high hopes. We could continue like he will prove himself next season. But that remains an ever unfulfilling promise!

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