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May 27, 2014

The night when Ronaldinho was given a Standing Ovation at the Bernebeu was one of the most memorable moments in the last decade. The two goals mesmerized even the arch-rivals fans.

Feb 19, 2010

Ex-Barca superstar Ronaldinho looks like to have resurrected his career at Ac Milan finally. The Ronaldinho Show that was put up against Manchester United shows that it is too early to write off Ronaldinho, the two time World Player of The Year. Ronaldinho's fall from the top was much faster than his ascent. His wayward life-style and sudden drop of passion towards football, took this Superstar in a downward spiral. After two disaster at Barca following three seasons of Ronaldinho magic, Guardiola packed him off to AC Milan. It was the right thing for Guardiola and Laporta to do. He has lost his passion for the game and that was showing heavily in Barca's game. But the question at that point was whether Milan was foolish to buy him from FC Barcelona. At 21 million Euros, Ronaldinho came much cheaper but it was not clear whether he will be able to hit back to his normal form.

Jul 16, 2008

Ronaldinho signing for MilanIt's official now, Barcelona has agreed terms with A C Milan for the transfer of their biggest star Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. According to the official site, the deal is worth 21 million euros, plus a 4 million for performance related objective. Ronaldinho would be in Milan today for a medical test to p[rove his fitness. Technical director Txiki Begiristain explained that the deal was made possible by ronaldinho who readily renounced his right to 15% of transfer fee. He also added that the club was trying to find the best possible solution for Ronnie, where he could be happy. Whatever Txiki claim, it's crystal clear this hasty transfer conclusion was made possible by Ronaldinho's open defying of Barcelona management by staying back in Brazil for preparation of Olympics. It was clear from the time Guardiola took charge, that Ronaldinho was not in the scheme of things. The club was trying to make the most of the player and stalled his transfer by asking insane amounts. But with Ronaldinho openly revolting, they knew that they have to settle the issue as soon as possible; otherwise that could lead to unrest in the dressing room. Whatever Pep may claim, this guy still will comment immense respect among his club mates. The likes of Messi and Iniesta grown up in his shadows.

This brings to end one of most loved partnership between a club and a player. When Barcelona brought him in 2003 and to the time he is leaving, he has simply taken the fans by storm. The first three season was like a dream come true. First from the middle of the table he took Barcelona back to the top. Then two spanish league title and a great Champions League triump; all courtesy of Ronaldinho. But the last two season he has been in sharp decline. His fitness dropped; even then he was occasionally producing the magic. Hope he will recreate his magic in Milan. He should be m,otivated there as he get a chance to play with Kak and Ronaldo. Moreover he will not be the biggest star in Milan - it will be Kaka. So he has to first de-throne Kaka.

With Barcelona confirming Ronnie transfer, the rumours regarding Arshavin has suddenly sprung to life. Barcelona might again go in for a bid which could topple the 18 million offered by Chelsea and Arsenal. Nothing can be said as if now, let's see how thing unveil.

Jan 18, 2008

With the whole world against him, Ronaldinho will find it difficult to rediscover the form which made him the "World Player of The Year". Every one who loves Barcelona (that includes me also) has called for his head, but there is no doubt that everyone of us still hopes and prays that he finds his touch as soon as possible. But it looks like he needs a change now to re assess his priorities and game. Whatever be the reason or whatever be the outcome, nobody including the Great Cryuff cannot question his contribution to this Barcelona team. So let's forget all the nuances surrounding
him and just enjoy this goal again

Dec 28, 2007

The rumors about Ronaldinho's departure from Nou Camp could have only strengthened by his failure against Madrid. No other player in this current side can commence loyalty from the Nou Camp fans like this man. For the regular Nou Camp fans he has been an emotional hero. The time when he reached Barcelona he was just another kid, but he turned this side into a world winning team in his first two seasons. When he arrived at Barcelona was rebuilding from a very bad phase in their history - Madrid's Galacticos policy (it was a total failure) overshadowed the Barcelona club. They were losing good players to their main rivals and were nowhere in picture in European competition. But Ronaldinho’s heroics against all odds turned the prayers of Barcelona fans to reality. No one will ever deny the fact that he was responsible for the great results we had in the past three years.

When Ronaldinho arrived in Barcelona the club and he had so many things in common. Both have to prove a point. Ronaldinho was heralded as the brightest talent to come out of Brazil in recent times, but his performance was never justifying it. He had a great world cup, but again those performances were far in between. For the Barcelona fans he was the only hope left to come out of the Galacticos shadow and reclaim their lost stature in Spain and Europe. Together they overcame all the obstacles. He was the main person responsible for the two Spanish league titles and the Champions league (surprising only the second one) which Barcelona won. Once again Barcelona reclaimed the stature of the best club in Europe and looking poised for more big things; but somewhere both stumbled. Ronaldinho was rightly criticized for his poor performance in last world cup, but everyone expected him to comeback to this Barcelona side and shows his magic along side the likes of Messi. But he failed terribly.

There was recent rumors of his addiction (over addiction) to nightlife and his lack of interest in training. As a big Ronaldinho fan I never believed these allegations but now i have to say that i slowly started believing it. His performance on the field justifies these allegations. Lack of training was clearly seen on field where he struggled to go past ordinary defenders. To add insult to injury Barcelona started playing better without him (Two season ago the story was different). Barcelona based media have been asking for his head for sometime, but to his rescue the Nou Camp fans still vociferously supports him. Is he taking that support for granted? The support is because of the sweet things he has presented to them in the past, but how much time he can survive on his past. One day they will also start asking for his head and that day will come soon.

What lies ahead for this two time World Player of the Year? There are actually two things:

1) He can train harder, get fitter and win back all the trust of his fans, media and most importantly his team mates. He can prove back to the world that he is still the same entertainer.

2) He can move to another club (this looks likely) where he can try to recreate all his magic. But with his current form and attitude to training how many big clubs will be willing to take such a risk is yet to be seen. If Milan loses Kaka to Madrid then there is a high chance of he moving to San Siro.

But whatever decision he take, he should understand that his carefree attitude will not get him through this difficult phase. He needs to train harder and get back his fitness level. He needs to play for the team (rather than for himself, which ever team it maybe) - He should always remember "When the Team wins, He wins".

NB: "You cannot win the War without fighting it".

Sep 3, 2007

The victory against Bilbao was secured in the first half. Barcelona went in to the match with al lot of criticism for their lackluster performance last week. Early on the first half, barca players hunger to keep the critics away was evident. They played like a team possessed. Athletic Bilbao should had considered themselves lucky at half time for trailing by only 2 goals. The second half in itself was a sharp contrast. Ronaldinho and Messi were setting the tone for the first half, every time Messi gets the ball there was a big anticipation for something big. And he didn't disappoint. Ronaldinho stellar performance should have subsidized all the Transfer rumors for now(its going to return in January, take a break). From the last some Liga games , its look like his free kick technique is coming back. But for me the star of the show was Eric Abidal - My God what a player. Its not surprising all of the Barcelona's attacks came either through him or Zambrotta. He should have solved our Left back misery, hope so. But whatever he is showing he is worth to watch.

In contrast to the first half, second half saw the last year Barcelona coming back(unfortunately). They were losing ball very easily, there was no conviction in the passing and it took the supporters booing to remind players they are there to win games. In contrast to first half - where the defence looked like compact and sealed, second half defence sometimes had no idea of what they were doing. The problem with Barca last season and still continues- is that after taking the early lead or control they tend to sit back. Because of which they end up conceding late equalizers. How many time did that happen last season. Rijkaard has to pay attention here.

It will be big injustice not to mention these two players in this article - Deco and Henry. Deco as usual is the marshal of Barca's Midfield. He was there all the time with all those tricks and turns. Hope he continues to find such form every night. When he moved to Barca, I thought he will not gel well with Barca system, I was proven wrong - He is looking good and he is due for his goal, mark my word he is going to get a lot.

Feb 17, 2007

FC Barcelona's "El Magico" Ronaldinho told English tabloid "SUN" that he and his teammates have to be at their best to beat liverpool to progress to the quarter finals. Despite being branded as favourites ronaldinho insists that the UEFA Champions League clash is anything other than easy.

European champions of 2006 Barca host Liverpool, who won the title one year before, on wednesday night. An exciting tie over two legs is on the agenda and Ronaldinho believes that liverpool has a team able to win the European trophy again. Ronnie explained to the "SUN":

Liverpool won the European Cup two years ago, so we know it could go either way. I think we'll have to be at our very best to make it through to the last eight. Liverpool's incredible win in 2005 was amazing and an achievement we must be aware of. We have to learn from what happened to Milan. It would be a mistake not to consider Liverpool as one of the favourites to win this season's Champions League. Not only have they already won it, they have a team capable of doing it again. But we are a force in this competition and have an obligation to show them our quality too.
We know all about Liverpool. Steven Gerrard is a brilliant midfield player with a lot of force and Xabi Alonso complements him perfectly. They have a good passing range and we have to be very careful they don't release their strikers too much. The likes of Dirk Kuyt and Peter Crouch are dangerous. The core of Liverpool's side is of a very high standard. They can hurt us on the break, so we must not neglect that threat. The hour of truth has arrived and we fully expect to reach the heights we are capable of reaching. Winning the first leg is important to us. We must make home advantage count because we are going to suffer at Anfield, if we are not in front. I think, we are good enough to win both legs. We have confidence in ourselves and believe we can repeat last season and end the year as Champions League winners again.

Nov 17, 2006

Barcelona Injuries to Eto'o, Messi and Saviola have left Barcelona's season in the balance. It will take something special from the rest to limit the damage before they can recover, or reinforce.

Rewind to August, and the talk of Barcelona was whether Saviola would be surplus to the club's needs - a luxury. The Catalans were desperate to offload the Argentine, to the point that they even offered him a letter of freedom.
Barely three months later, injuries to Messi and Eto'o have left their attack crippled. Just as it started to look like Saviola would turn saviour, even he was sidelined.
There have been injuries previously too - Larsson, Motta, Edmilson two years ago, Xavi, and Messi last year - but it was spread over the pitch, allowing them to recover. Its three forwards this time, and with a wafer-thin forward line remaining, it looks very slippery.
Nobody was willing to consider reinforcements when Eto'o was injured - maybe rightly so, maybe not. They were still just as dismissive when Messi was ruled out. But within hours of that, Saviola's muscle problems came to the fore, and the tone started to change.
From a 'we don't know', it turned into a 'maybe', and now, Luque, Larsson and Palacio are firmly placed on the Catalans' radar.
Yet there is little they can do until January, as an emergency signing requires a five-month injury layoff. Barcelona's only chance was when Eto'o was injured, but they had no way of knowing that it could go so wrong.
That said, they were guilty of underestimating the Cameroon international's importance. You have to ask yourself if Chelsea would have signed a Drogba replacement, or if Real would have covered a hypothetical Ruud absence. The answer, unfortunately, puts Barca on the wrong side of the fence.
The Catalans now have four players - Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen, Giuly, Ezquerro - for three positions, and must make do with that at least until January.
They still lead La Liga, but it's so close at the top that a couple of bad weeks could see them drop outside the top four. The problem, however, lies elsewhere. They must win both their remaining Champions League games to qualify for the knock-out stages, and it is not clear that they have an edge over a very dangerous Werder Bremen with the attack that remains.
It is surprising that even now - at a time when the club need to put their hands up and say: 'yes, we need to reinforce,' with no strings attached - sporting director Txiki Begiristain indignantly argues that Iniesta and Deco can also play in more advanced positions, conveniently forgetting that it is bite up front that is the real problem.
One understands that success has made them confident, and that has its positives, but there is a fine line between that and arrogance. Txiki continues to insist that Giovanni Dos Santos - arguably a natural replacement for Messi - should not be called up from the junior team, as it is more important he remains available for Barca B.
One more injury or suspension could leave them with absolutely no options on the bench, making two games a week almost impossible to cope with. Even if they are lucky hereon, the impact on the players still available will be felt come April, when thin squads start to burn out.
Ronaldinho and Giuly look set to play two games a week for the next two months, and one has to wonder whether Barca can even afford to compete in four remaining competitions - including the Intercontinental Cup.
There is only one way forward - damage control, followed by Larsson's arrival on January 1.
Barcelona have to put everything into the two Champions League games, even if that means dropping points in La Liga. The away clash against Levski Sofia isn't going to be a cake-walk, and Werder Bremen at Camp Nou on the final matchday will be even tougher. Not qualifying is not an option!

Once they have secured qualification, they can throw everything into the League, and hope that the Intercontinental Cup doesn't take a lot out of them. They must use their reserve team shrewdly in that competition, rather than allow their marketable stars to burn out for the sake of some extra publicity.
The only silver lining is that there are a few relatively easy League fixtures coming up, with the Real Madrid, Valencia, Deportivo, Zaragoza and Sevilla games all behind them, but they will only make the most of that if they set themselves up for it.
As for new arrivals, Palacio or Luque are both good players, but if they take two months to settle in, the very purpose is defeated. The Argentine can wait for the summer. Larsson, and only Larsson, can solve their problems.
But even before that, it is going to take something special, along with a lot of luck, for four players to fill three spots, and carry the team through to January without slip-ups. It could be Rijkaard's biggest test since the torrid four months at the start of his tenure three years ago!

Nov 13, 2006

FC Barcelona beat Zaragoza 3-1 tonight at the Nou Camp and are back at the top of the Spanish League table, as prior leaders Sevilla dropped two points after drawing at Racing Santander. In a close and entertaining match, Gabriel Milito opened the score for Zaragoza and Ronaldinho (2) and Saviola made the goals that sealed Barcelona's comeback.

However, there was also bad news tonight as Lionel Messi got injured and had to leave the pitch in the 23rd minute, being substituted by Ludovic Giuly. Medical tests performed on the Argentinian player after the match have confirmed that Messi suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of his left foot, will need to undergo surgery and may be out for three months.

Barcelona are now the alone Liga leaders with 23 points. Sevilla, Real Madrid and Zaragoza come behind them.

The Plus point as far as Barca are concerned form the match are:

1) They are back to where they belong Top of the League...
2) Ronnie is showing every sign of recovering back to his usual form....
3) Barca came back well from a goal down...........
4) ronnie might have scored the Goal of La Liga....

I am adding the Links to 2nd and 3rd Goal here... Its posted by Richie... So sincerely using this oppurtuinity to thank him...

Nov 12, 2006

Welcom friends and all Barcelona fans.... I will try to make all the reports available about FC Barcelona in here...


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