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Jul 16, 2008

Ronaldinho signing for MilanIt's official now, Barcelona has agreed terms with A C Milan for the transfer of their biggest star Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. According to the official site, the deal is worth 21 million euros, plus a 4 million for performance related objective. Ronaldinho would be in Milan today for a medical test to p[rove his fitness. Technical director Txiki Begiristain explained that the deal was made possible by ronaldinho who readily renounced his right to 15% of transfer fee. He also added that the club was trying to find the best possible solution for Ronnie, where he could be happy. Whatever Txiki claim, it's crystal clear this hasty transfer conclusion was made possible by Ronaldinho's open defying of Barcelona management by staying back in Brazil for preparation of Olympics. It was clear from the time Guardiola took charge, that Ronaldinho was not in the scheme of things. The club was trying to make the most of the player and stalled his transfer by asking insane amounts. But with Ronaldinho openly revolting, they knew that they have to settle the issue as soon as possible; otherwise that could lead to unrest in the dressing room. Whatever Pep may claim, this guy still will comment immense respect among his club mates. The likes of Messi and Iniesta grown up in his shadows.

This brings to end one of most loved partnership between a club and a player. When Barcelona brought him in 2003 and to the time he is leaving, he has simply taken the fans by storm. The first three season was like a dream come true. First from the middle of the table he took Barcelona back to the top. Then two spanish league title and a great Champions League triump; all courtesy of Ronaldinho. But the last two season he has been in sharp decline. His fitness dropped; even then he was occasionally producing the magic. Hope he will recreate his magic in Milan. He should be m,otivated there as he get a chance to play with Kak and Ronaldo. Moreover he will not be the biggest star in Milan - it will be Kaka. So he has to first de-throne Kaka.

With Barcelona confirming Ronnie transfer, the rumours regarding Arshavin has suddenly sprung to life. Barcelona might again go in for a bid which could topple the 18 million offered by Chelsea and Arsenal. Nothing can be said as if now, let's see how thing unveil.

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