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Jul 17, 2008

Arshavin Still dreaming about BarcelonaI have earlier reported the resurgence of Arshavin rumours after the Ronaldinho transfer; the news was based on Now it looks like Sport is adamant in bringing Arshavin to Camp Nou. They have done an interview with Arshavin; they even got him photographed holding a Barcelona shirt. I don't know how this will go with his possible suitors Chelsea and Arsenal from London. Whatever he looks good holding that shirt and there should not be any reason not to believe that he will look even better in that uniform. Find the interview here. Throughout the short interview Arshavin never showed any sign to hide his great passion for Barcelona. He actually pronounced that has his biggest dream. Reading the interview one could sense that the player is desperate to move to Nou Camp. He has categorically stated that his decision to move out of Russia is not based on any economic consideration. He stated that no other club may not pay as much as Zenit offered him. He himself suggested that Zenit asking price of 30 million may be a bit high for Barcelona. One thing he confirmed was that he may not play for Barcelona rival Real Madrid, now that's a true fan.

Goal has reported a story of Barcelona moving away from Adebayor to Berbatov. I have said this earlier, I consider Berbatov a more suitable player than Adebayor. More over the sale of Giovani could help to get Berbatov cheap and easily as it's clear that he will move away from Totenham this season. But the surprise rumour is not this, MundoDeportivo report of a possible Barcelona bid for Robinho. This is billed as a trump card which Laporta will play to get the confidence of fans back. Remember the Beckham saga, during all this nonsense they might sign some one really interesting.

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