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Jul 26, 2008

Messi, Whate a shame!It must be said that Messi's father who was organising the Messi's Beijing Olympics campaign has till done a fabulous job. A job whose priority for me was to get the blame of Messi missing the Olympics on someone else. But it looks like his luck might have finally run out, with Maradona questioning about Messi's character. Maradona has been very careful in this issue, earlier criticising the Club but not until this day has launched an attack on Messi. Now he rightly does the same, he said and I quote "think he needs to show a little more character and I believe that this is the time to where he can become a man.There are always occasions when a player has other commitments but I really hope that Messi can change his attitude. Hopefully with time, he will become more of a complete footballer." Barcelona has been playing the hard ball and would face punishment from FIFA as AFA is not ready to give up on the player. Before this day the world was sympathetic to Messi, he was potrayed as a person whose heart belonged with Argenitinian team in Beijing but was forced to be in Scotland with Barcelona. Barcelona has been potrayed as the villain and messi played his part of the victim perfectly. I am not saying for a moment that Barcelona is not the villain, but I believe the real villain is Messi and his father.

Messi's was really in a strange position. He was touted as the next Maradona and the pivotal player on which Barcelona going to rebuild. He knew it was tough to make a choice between Club and Country, so he and his father for me orchestred a wonderful drama in which everyone participated unknowingly. If you see carefully, Messi announced much early that he wants to go to Beijing. But when he learned about Guardiola's objection (due to his lack of national pride, maybe) he mellowed down a bit. His father stated that it was upto the Club to decide, simply speeking they outsourced the tough job of making the decision. After that they went to Argentina, where Messi said that he finally made up a decision that he will not miss Olympics. He looked like in a mood of defying the Club, but for no surprise the moment he came back to Barcelona he mellowed down his stand again. Simply put he was playing a game where he has already chosen to miss the Olympics, but want to keep the tag of Next Maradona intact. Have to say he had huge sucess till now. But with Maradona asking the Kid to grow up, the situation might change. For all the barcelona fans who keep on saying that Barcelona has the right to keep him, I have only one question - If there was a small crisis in your family and the same time you cannot leave your work. What decision would you take? There is nothing like these guys are being forced, If Messi or Kaka decides that they will go to Olympics disregard of the club's instruction, what will happen? Milan will not sell Kaka because of that, nor do Barcelona. I am not encouraging indiscipline, but sometimes if your Club will not listen to you for a genuine matter, a bit of indiscipline is good. remember you might have contracted to the Club, but you are not their slave. Olympics and the Olympics' spirit are worth fighting for, Messi.

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