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Jul 9, 2013

It's kind of strange! When I wrote my last post - Fantasy David Villa, Thiago + Rooney Transfer; saying that the Villa transfer could happen in the next two weeks; not in my wildest dreams I expected it to happen quickly. Like I said it happened in stark contrast to the rumours which were out in the media. Would SPORT feel disappointed? I think so. Will they change their ways? Absolutely not, they have already started the Kun Aguero to Barca rumours. Wait for it to develop further. They have been behind this for last two season. It looks like every Summer transfer window Aguero starts his long pilgrimage to Camp Nou but in between gets lost and returns back to his old club. Hope this time he is able to find the way. May be he has been using Apple Maps so far!

So here is the official version of the Transfer. Futball Club Barcelona has reached an agreement in principle to sell the Star Spanish striker David Villa to Atletico Madrid for a transfer fee of €5.1 Million. That amount comes with a lot of riders. The club will only get €2.1 Million this season. If Villa stays at Atletico for the next season we will get another €2 Million more and if he stays there for yet another season, we will get the rest €1 Million. Adjusting it for the inflation for the next two seasons the sum appears to be very minuscule. There is also an option of cashing 50% of David Villa's future transfer; considering the age of the player that may not materialize much. Many were surprised at the amount of the deal, especially when there were rumours that the club rejected an offer from Tottenham in excess of €6 Million. Some are giving it a positive spin of the club considering the wish of player. For me as I wrote in last post, it shows how much the club's hands are tied in terms of player salaries. As I wrote in an earlier Post David Villa's Barca Salary is around 7 Million Euros and the club with the arrival of Neymar can't afford to keep him here. That plays the entire game to the player's advantage.

David Villa's Barca Career has a lot of mixed emotions. He came in as a replacement for Ibrahimovic who has fallen out with Guardiola and also came at a whooping 40 Million Euros. His first season was brilliant and the pinnacle came in that wonderfully taken goal in the Champions League final at Wembley. BUt from the second season on wards, things started working against him. It all started with the arrival of Alexis Sanchez and the insistence of Messi to be played only in false 9 formation. In the first season his linking up with Messi was magical with both of them switching their position at will. But the second season saw Guardiola playing in the position of a wide left winger, a role not natural to him. Sanchez's pace made him look better in that role and many of Barca fans were questioning Villa's form and role in the team. The season went really bad when he got injured in the club world cup. Then the season went bad for us also with Alexis struggling in front of the goal. The fans who doubted Villa in the beginning of the season, were lamenting his injury now. Everyone including Villa expected to turn things around in the 2012-13 season. But Tito Vilanova had different ideas, keeping him on the bench for majority of matches and using an out of sort Alexis Sanchez instead. Whenever he played he did struggle a bit; that was normal considering the injury lay off. But the Alexis fan boys were up in arms saying that Villa does not track back to defend! What's the point of a Center Forward running back to Right Back position every now and then(something Alexis always does)?

The way he was treated gave a clear indication that the Club was looking to get rid of him the next season and I doubt David Villa would have objected. At least we saw a glimpse of his intelligent movement and position in the best match Barca played last season, unsurprisingly it didn't happen under Titol Vilanova's control. He was brilliant in the return leg against AC Milan at the Camp Nou. The goal showed his class, the intelligent pressing showed he is still up to the job and the way he opened enough space for Messi showed the way forward; even Messi agreed. But the guy named Tito Vilanova never learned from those outings. The very next game we were back to our usual self of last season. Those who believe that his best are over could be proven wrong once again. The move to Atletico looks like a smart move and should benefit the player, also in scheme of getting into the starting eleven of World Cup. Incidentally his first match could be against FC Barcelona in the first leg of Super Copa.

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