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Jul 8, 2013

Like I wrote in my previous post FC Barcelona's Summer Transfer Targets, Catalan media houses has a penchant to border the realms of fantasy while transfer windows are open. Yes, boys it's gonna happen; otherwise SPORT will make it happen. First we will place 4 Million and Thiago Alcantara and David Villa in a boat and send it to Manchester, they will place Wayne Rooney in it and send the boat back. There are some small snags in the operations but those things are being fixed. Barca's valuation of Rooney looks to be at 30 Million Euros, which is pretty much the asking market value. But the problem is that Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal all are interested in the striker and he won't be ready to take a pay cut to come to Barca!

Then there is a small problem of getting Villa's consent for the deal. SPORT assumes that he will obey exactly as his masters tell him. Surprisingly it won't be that simple. Remember the attempted shipping out of Eto'o in Guardiola's first season, he stayed because at the negotiation table his side had more weight. Here also Villa is having definite advantage considering that we have to sell him in order to balance the books. And David Villa is getting linked with everyone out there. Some hours back it was Tottenham who has secured his signing, now Atletico Madrid , Fiorentino all are very much in picture. Don't get surprised if Villa complete his transfer in the coming two weeks much to the disappointment of the entire SPORT editorial(fantasy editorial) team. This entirely speculative deal has come up after the realization of the fact that Thiago may not be staying at Barca next season. For the time being the ship carrying Villa and Thiago with that 4 Million of hard earned Cule money is lost in the sea. Are we seeing a rescue ship with a Red Mast there?

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