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Jul 9, 2013

It's kind of strange! When I wrote my last post - Fantasy David Villa, Thiago + Rooney Transfer; saying that the Villa transfer could happen in the next two weeks; not in my wildest dreams I expected it to happen quickly. Like I said it happened in stark contrast to the rumours which were out in the media. Would SPORT feel disappointed? I think so. Will they change their ways? Absolutely not, they have already started the Kun Aguero to Barca rumours. Wait for it to develop further. They have been behind this for last two season. It looks like every Summer transfer window Aguero starts his long pilgrimage to Camp Nou but in between gets lost and returns back to his old club. Hope this time he is able to find the way. May be he has been using Apple Maps so far!

Jul 8, 2013

Like I wrote in my previous post FC Barcelona's Summer Transfer Targets, Catalan media houses has a penchant to border the realms of fantasy while transfer windows are open. Yes, boys it's gonna happen; otherwise SPORT will make it happen. First we will place 4 Million and Thiago Alcantara and David Villa in a boat and send it to Manchester, they will place Wayne Rooney in it and send the boat back. There are some small snags in the operations but those things are being fixed. Barca's valuation of Rooney looks to be at 30 Million Euros, which is pretty much the asking market value. But the problem is that Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal all are interested in the striker and he won't be ready to take a pay cut to come to Barca!

Aug 20, 2012

Impossible Without You

watch the Video of David Villa Scoring Against Real Sociedad below:

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