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Jul 23, 2013

OFFICIAL UPDATE : FC Barcelona has confirmed the appointment of Gerardo Martino as head coach for next two seasons.

Unconfirmed reports are emerging that Barca has finalised on Gerardo "Tata" Martino as the replacement for Tito Vilanova. The club has not openly confirmed these reports and even Martino has confirmed that the final decision is not taken. But when Mundo Deportivo, Sport and Marca all report the same thing, then there has to be a bit of truth in it and above all Graham Hunter has also confirmed the decision. Till yesterday as I wrote Luis Enrique was in prime position to take Barca's coaching job. The biggest disadvantage for Martino against Luis Enrique was the lack of European Cup Competition experience. But looks like the club management wasn't much concerned about that and the late video conference seems to have convinced about his potential. Another issue could have been the 3 million buyout clause for Luis Enrique and Rosell who has been very reluctant to spend might have decided on Martino. On a causal note, with Martino taking charge we will have "TATA replacing TITO".

The incoming manager has the full backing of the current Barcelona super star, Lionel Messi. There were reports suggesting that his name was first recommended by the player himself. This did raise concern among some fans as it did have a sense of the star selecting the coach. Nothing could be further from the truth. Martino follows the Biesla style of coaching style, with high pressing; something which was missing in last two season. Even Guardiola before he took over as Barca coach spend some time with Biesla and admired the high pressing and also followed it at Barca. So Martino's style may not be different from what we follow or what we have to perfect this season. It is reported that Martino will sign a three year deal. Today Barca has called for a Board meeting whose primary focus would be to approve the finances but also will ratify the new manager's appointment. Martino's lack of European experience remains a concern but then traditionally we have done well when managed by fresh coaches.

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