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Jul 10, 2013

Today Catalan media house, SPORT broke the story of an apparent agreement being reached between the Brazilian central defender, Thiago Silva and FC Barcelona on a move to Camp Nou. As per the story, the Brazilian has agreed for a 5 year deal with the Club and decided to take a substantial pay cut to join Barca. In my earlier post where I outlined "Why Thiago Silva won't join Barca?"; I mentioned his wages as a big obstacle. As per the SPORT story he will be placed in the same bracket as Xavi and Iniesta and will have it's pay increase based on performance bonuses. That's in real terms means a minimum pay cut of 2 - 3 Million Euros; that makes it difficult to believe this story(Have a look at Barca Pay Structure here - FC Barcelona Player Wages 2013). Also SPORT has a history of drawing up stories to sell their paper. Remember a day before Barca agreed on Villa transfer, they sold the player along with Thiago to Manchester United in exchange of Rooney.

The fact that no other media houses in Spain or Barcelona are reporting anything close to this news makes this less believable too. Even if we assume this is true, this is one part of the very difficult operation. The second part will be to come to an agreement with PSG over the player's sale. PSG has repeatedly confirmed their decision not to sell the player. Nor they are looking for a potential replacement. Unless PSG find a suitable replacement for their Club Captain, they will never even think about selling him. That's where it's necessary to assess the potential replacement available in European football at the moment. At the moment there is none of his experience available in transfer market. So why would PSG sell him? The rumours of us placing an official inquiry about David Luiz to Chelsea also shows that the management also believe that the French club won't sell him. PSG signed Thiago Silva last year for a whooping €42 Million. Why would they sell him after one year?

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