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Apr 25, 2014

With the temporary lifting of transfer ban imposed on Barca, there are too much speculation going on. The latest we have heard is the potential sale of Javier Mascherano. A few months ago all the fans could be up in arms against such a move. But at the current moment there sure will be conflicting ideas on their minds about this possibility. In any case this all will happen if our management does the stuff they are supposed to do - sign quality central defenders. Going by their track record, we could expect them to make a lot of noise about the possibility of signing a number of players, naming them openly, by doing so alerting other clubs to that possibility and eventually getting prized out of the market. They are good enough to make excuses about this and excellent in selling to the members. Remember last summer transfer window?

Mascherano's case is kind of strange one. There cannot be any other player who has been taken for granted more than this guy. Technically he is a holding midfielder, but played in central defense all the time at Barca. Using him in defense had its drawback and advantages. The positives were the near impossible interventions he used to do cutting oppositions attacks, the worst were constantly getting caught out of position when the opponents counter attacks. Plain and simple, Mascherano was a midfielder who was asked to play in defense. Just because he was slotted in defense he never ceased to exist as a midfielder. He always played in defense like he would do in midfield, that's what he is programmed to do and the managers also expected that.

Despite the constant rumours of linking him to Napoli and Liverpool, I would be very much surprised to see him leave. He is a rare commodity who could feature in both midfield and defense. What better cover we need than him? Even if we sign three more central defenders, Mascherano will still have a presence and if the Manager goes for a three man defense he will be the most suited. But again to expect our current board and Zubi to analyse so much is asking too much. At the moment two clubs are interested in signing him - Napoli and Liverpool. If his agent is to be believed, then Mascherano prefers to go to the Premier League if he has to move out of Barca.

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